WhatsApp Avatars

Months after its launch on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, WhatsApp has started rolling out 3D avatars for its users all around the world that may be used as profile images or customized stickers.

Avatars are coming to WhatsApp, according to a Facebook post by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday. The statement comes after a lengthy beta test that lasted for several months and was initially noted by WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo in June.

In the announcement blog, Meta said “Your avatar is a digital version of you that can be created from billions of combinations of diverse hair styles, facial features, and outfits. On WhatsApp you can now use your personalized avatar as your profile photo or choose from one of 36 custom stickers reflecting many different emotions and actions.”

This avatar may be used to make 36 unique stickers that can be sent to friends and family or set as your profile photo.

One strategy used by Meta to spread the word about their metaverse story and appeal to more regular users is the use of avatars on WhatsApp. Making your own avatar would be a lot of fun if you enjoy dressing up characters.

You can express yourself more vividly without taking a picture or making a video by using your avatar to make customized stickers that you can distribute to friends and family.

Users can build their WhatsApp avatars by going to the Settings menu. According to information on an FAQ page, the messaging app will also get a “Use Avatar” option in the profile photo settings that will allow users to use their WhatsApp avatar as a profile photo.

As of the time this article was written, the Meta avatar from Instagram or Facebook cannot be used on WhatsApp, nor can you use your WhatsApp avatar on those platforms. This means that in order to utilize an avatar on WhatsApp, you must simply create an avatar there.

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