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If you have a business, chances are you’ve already signed up for Google My Business. Customers searching for products or services use Google primarily. Thus, your business page may show up on search results. Customers who have already patronized your business can type reviews on your business. Adding these reviews to your WordPress website is important in the following ways:

Reviews show a customer that other customers have tried and liked your stuff. More reviews indicate more sales, which increases the likelihood that the reviews are sincere. This is one of the reasons why more reviews frequently result in increased sales, even when a rival product has a higher star rating on average.

Reviews are beneficial in a few ways, including the addition of keyword material to your website that appears in searches and the tendency of Google to rank businesses with more reviews higher in search results, increasing traffic to your site.

If you’re looking to add these reviews to your website, then you’re in luck. We’re going in-depth on how to set up Google Reviews on your website and customize how they look. We’ll need a plugin called Widgets for Google Reviews by

To install:

  • Click on Plugin > Add New on the left menu options
  • Search Widgets for Google Reviews and click install.
  • Click Activate.


  • You can download the plugin from here in the form of a .zip file.
  • Navigate to Plugin > Add New
  • Click on Upload Plugin and select the .zip file you just downloaded from your files.
  • Wait for it to install and then click on Activate.
  • Now it’s time to set it up for your website.

After installation,

  • Click on on the left menu panel to begin
  • On the setup interface, search the location of your business. When the correct location and name pop up, select it and click on Connect. Once you connect, the plugin will retrieve all the reviews on your Google My Business page.
  • The next thing is to select your preferred layout. Choose one that will fit with the theme of the site so it doesn’t feel out of place.
  • Click on 3. Select the Style tab and choose your desired style.
  • Click on the next tab 4. Set up Widget. Select the language you want the widget to be in. If you want some animation when users hover their mouse on the widget, check the box that says “Enable hover animation”
  • Check the “Use site font” box to make the widget use the website font instead of the default Google font.
  • Click on the 5. Insert Code tab. Click on the code to copy the shortcode.

To implement Google Reviews on your website:

  • Navigate to the page you want to display the reviews.
  • Open the page editor. This will work with the default Block editor or any other third-party website builder.
  • Create a new section
  • Select the text editor widget for that section.
  • Paste the shortcode there and save.
  • You will have to adjust the paddings and margins of the section. The Widget does not control that.

As mentioned earlier, reviews are always a plus when it comes to improving your online credibility. That being said, be sure not to fabricate or falsify Google reviews. That could ruin your credibility when potential customers get a wind of it.

Always make sure to send review links to your clients or customers after a purchase or completed service. Do not hound them for review, it should be optional. If they don’t want to give a review, that’s fine. Forcing them for a review is unethical and can be a big turn-off if you want to retain clients.

Did this article help you to show Google Reviews on your site? Let us know in the comments if you faced any challenges or you have any questions.

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