How to Add Live Chat or Live Support to your WordPress Website.


Sometimes visitors want to ask for inquiries on the go as soon as they enter your website. A Contact Form on your website is great, but Live Chat gives users quick answers to their questions. Thus, the importance of Live Chat. With Contact forms, visitors enter their query and have to wait until you respond in an email. If it gets mixed with the thousands of emails you receive every day, you may not reply on time. Hence, you lose a potential client or customer.
In this article, I’ll be exploring how to add Live Chat to your website, setting it up, and customizing it to suit your website structure.

The plugin we’ll use is the Live Chat plugin. It is one of the most trusted and reliable Live chat plugins on WordPress. It is beginner-friendly and has plenty of features. Here’s how to install and set up Live chat.

  • Click on the Plugins menu on your WordPress dashboard and select Add New
    Search Live chat and click Install.
  • Click Activate to set the plugin in motion. Click on Settings and select in the submenu.
  • Sign up using your email account and set a secure password.
  • Choose your visibility options and click the Save Changes button to update the settings.
  • Customize the widget to suit your business from the Dashboard. You can customize everything from the logo, live chat symbol, and the automatic text message that greets visitors when they enter your site.

To customize your Live chat widget:

  • Go to the dashboard.
  • Click on the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen to open the settings overview.
  • Here, click on the default image icon to add your logo
  • Change the color of the Live chat icon to match your site colors. Click Advanced for more options.
  • In the Advanced settings, you can change the chat icon type and its position on the webpage. There are different settings for Mobile and Desktop, so you can customize each to suit the size of each device. You can save your settings.

There are numerous other customization options. Take your time and go through them. Make changes as you wish, but make sure it doesn’t feel out of place on your website.
After setting up, you’ll receive an alert each time someone visits your website. When they send a message using the Live chat, it’ll appear on the dashboard, where you can reply in real-time.
If you don’t have your PC or laptop around you all the time, don’t worry. has mobile apps for iOS and Android, which are easy to set up.

To set up Live Chat for Mobile

  • Download the mobile app from here (Android) or here(iOS)
  • Sign in with the same account on your website
  • Configure permissions to allow notifications from the app on your mobile phone
  • Customize the notifications. You can use separate sound for the app for it to stand out to you.

The great thing about this plugin is the customization freedom it gives users. It can be anything you want it to like and it’s free. The alerts are always timely and barely miss any message or visitor.

As a bonus, you can use the stats it provides to monitor visitors or traffic to your website. On the dashboard, you’ll see the total visitors over a period and how many used the live chat. If you find Google Analytics complex to use and you want a visitors-count on your website, this is a great tool.

You can also directly convert potential customers that visit your website. Since you can reply to their inquiries and nullify any doubts they may have in real-time, it’s a very useful converting tool.

If you followed this article clearly, you should have a running Live Chat function on your website now. Live chat is one of the best plugins for Live chat in WordPress. If you have any questions, or you have faced any challenges, let us know!


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