What is Cloud Gaming? 3 Best Cloud Gaming Services for Ghanaians 2022.

Cloud Gaming

You remotely connect to a virtual PC through a cloud gaming app or internet browser and play the game from there. There’s no hardware, cables, waiting for games to install and download, firmware to update, or anything else that usually comes with playing games on a local machine like a PS5, Xbox Series X, or a laptop.

Cloud Gaming refers to playing a game remotely from the cloud. In nearly every case, “cloud” refers to a network of data centers filled to the brim with servers that deliver content to whoever is trying to access it.
You purchase access to a remote server equipped with gaming gear when you subscribe to a service. Afterwards, a video stream of the game you just launched is delivered to your computer.

We recommend Wireless (Ethernet) connectivity with a minimum download speed of 50Mbps for the best cloud gaming experience. Although a cable connection will guarantee a steady connection, a 5.0GHz, 4G LTE, or 5G wireless connection will also function. According to cloud gaming providers, depending on the resolution level, you need roughly 15 to 25Mbps. To keep a continual connection, you’ll need more total accessible bandwidth if your home has several internet users.

Sadly for Ghanaians, these cloud gaming services are not available in our region as expected. However, with VPNs, you can solve this problem. Because VPNs affect ping and speeds, not all cloud gaming services are viable for an optimal gaming experience. Thus, these are the best cloud gaming services for Ghanaians in 2022.

GeForce Now

GeForce Now is the top cloud gaming service available for subscription. It works on almost every platform and offers the most compatible game collection. It differs significantly from other cloud gaming services in one key way: It isn’t also a virtual marketplace.

Through Steam, Epic, GOG, or Ubisoft Connect, you make individual game purchases that you then sync to your GeForce Now account. You won’t lose access to your games if you ever decide against using GeForce Now.

It’s the only one on this list that has a free-to-use model. It is limited in that you can only game 1 hour at a time. You always have to wait in a queue to play each time. Nvidia adds new compatible games monthly, so if you can’t find a game you love, be patient.

Users get access to the Priority tier, which includes ray-tracing for compatible PC, for $10 per month ($50 for six months). Additional benefits include preferential access to gaming services, and uninterrupted sessions lasting up to six hours.

If you haven’t tried cloud gaming or GeForce Now before, we recommend trying the Free tier first to see if your internet connection can handle it. GeForce Now is not available in Ghana, but here’s a tutorial on how to get around that.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gaming

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is second on our list when it comes to cloud gaming services. To enjoy cloud gaming, you must sign up for the top-tier plan ($15 per month), but you will receive all the perks of the lesser levels, including special discounts on Xbox and PC titles and free games (if you keep an active subscription, of course). Microsoft is now providing the first three months for only $1 at the time of writing. Now is a wonderful time to try Xbox cloud gaming if you haven’t already.

Unlike GeForce Now, you don’t have to purchase any of the games separately from a games store to access them. Once you purchase the pass, all the games included in the pass are yours. If you cancel your subscription, however, you’ll lose all those games.

No matter what device you are using, Xbox cloud gaming only supports 1080p at 60 frames per second, lagging well behind competing cloud gaming platforms. However, you may upscale the picture to 4K if you’re playing cloud games on an Xbox console. Even though games won’t be shown in full 4K, our tests revealed that input latency will be reduced.

With updates to Microsoft Edge, Xbox cloud gaming is looking bright as ever, providing users with the best cloud gaming experience.

Google Stadia

It features fewer titles than other big platforms because it was created from scratch, but unlike Xbox and PlayStation services, Stadia does not require membership; instead, it offers both its virtual shop and an optional $10/month subscription service. The Stadia app, Chrome browser, or your TV through Chromecast all function with almost any device as well.

It takes a little work to set up a free account, but all you have to do is sign up for the free 30-day Pro trial and end your membership before it expires. Any games you bought separately will stay in your library, but any Pro games you purchased will not be available unless you pay again for the subscription.

Several various controllers from Xbox, PS5, Razer Kishi, and Backbone are available with Stadia, but the Stadia Controller offers the greatest wireless performance since, although it connects through Bluetooth during setup, it stays connected over Wi-Fi while you play. This aids in lowering input lag and enhancing cloud gaming performance.

Cloud gaming is looking like the future of gaming now. No need to have a high-end PC to play the best games. Slowly but surely, a lot more cloud gaming services will pop up and hopefully, existing cloud gaming services will expand their server reach to all regions of the world. What do you think of cloud gaming? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments.

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