What is Google Remarketing?

In Google Ads, remarketing comprises static pictures, animated images, video, responsive ads, and text ads that are displayed on the Google Display and Google Search Network. The targeting is what distinguishes remarketing from conventional Display and Search advertising.

The technology behind Google remarketing allows your Google Ads to follow potential clients as they browse the web. A short piece of code (remarketing code) on your website adds users to a remarketing list when they visit. They are then shown your ad when they go to another website that is part of the Google Ad network.

Because the consumer journey is time-consuming, remarketing is an important component of digital marketing. Most customers do not discover a new brand, select some of its items, and finalize their purchase all in the same shopping session. Before making a purchase, many potential buyers may research a company or product by visiting other websites or reading user reviews.

The goal of remarketing is to discover those who have demonstrated enough interest in your products or services to visit your website. When compared to those who have never visited your website, these visitors are more likely to undertake whatever behaviour you consider a conversion.

What are the six Google Remarketing Options?

Standard Remarketing

This Google Ads functionality allows you to display advertisements to previous visitors when they explore websites and applications on the Display Network. This activity is tracked via cookies in visitors’ browsers, which Google then uses to identify someone who has previously visited your site.

Then, when a visitor who has previously visited your site visits a website in Google’s display network, the advertisements you’ve generated to remarket your business will appear across all of Google’s ad affiliates.

The goal is that targeted consumers will see your adverts, remember your company, and return to the relevant page on your website. As with pay-per-click advertising, this provides you with the opportunity to convert that person into a paying customer (PPC).

Dynamic Remarketing

A Google Adverts tool that allows you to offer prior visitors ads for any items or services that they browsed on your site. It scales your products and services to your specific audience so that no one sees the same ad twice. Instead, your target group will receive ads that appeal to what first drew them to a product or service.

You employ your advertising money on visitors who are qualified to become a client but were not ready to convert on their initial visit when you use dynamic remarketing. Dynamic remarketing covers those bases, giving your potential consumers many chances to return to your site and become paying customers.

Mobile Apps Remarketing

If someone uses your mobile app or website, Google Ads will allow you to display their advertisements when they use other mobile applications or visit other mobile websites. When someone meets either of these criteria, you may reach out to them with adverts for your company on other applications and mobile websites.

This is because Google places a high value on mobile usability. Indeed, responsive design is becoming a significant ranking component in Google search results. Given that a rising number of consumers access the Internet via mobile devices each year, it seems natural that Google offers a mobile-specific ad platform.

Remarketing List for Search Ads

It allows you to target previous Search Network visitors. You may target and personalize search advertising for previous visitors who search on Google and Google’s Search partner sites. You may use search ad remarketing to put advertisements on terms that only appear when Google detects that someone has previously visited your site.

It will take some trial and error on your side to determine which strategy works best. However, once you’ve mastered it, search ad retargeting may work wonders for customer conversion.

Video Remarketing

You will be able to show adverts to users who have interacted with your YouTube channel or other videos using Google Ads. You can show them advertisements on YouTube or on Display Network videos and websites.

You create lists of YouTube subscribers that you know are interested in your business when you employ video remarketing. Then you add that list to a certain video on your channel and advertise it to your prior viewers’ list.

Your videos may also appear in search and display networks. So your ad may be seen by someone who is looking on Google, visiting one of their ad partners, or viewing videos on YouTube.

Email List Remarketing/ Customer Match

You may submit a list of email addresses of your clients to Google Ads. If they are signed in to Google Search, Gmail, or YouTube, you may display them adverts using this function. It mostly targets Gmail accounts or other email accounts that use Gmail as a platform.

When someone signs in to that account, they will begin to see your adverts, and this extends to Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail. This is the most current type of remarketing that Google Ads has implemented.

However, it provides you with a significant potential to reach customers or clients who might have otherwise overlooked your company.

What are the Benefits of Remarketing?

Keep Your Business in the minds of Potential Clients

The fact that it might be simple for individuals to become sidetracked is one of the difficulties with internet marketing. They could be browsing through a page on your website one second, but they might leave or be distracted by a pop-up notice the next. Remarketing, fortunately, can assist with that difficulty. Remarketing allows you to remind consumers about your company.

It’s Cost Effective

When used properly, remarketing aids in the creation of cost-effective and effective advertisements. You may win the ad auction for the best price by using real-time bidding. Google remarketing advertising with retargeting campaigns may be far more cost-effective for online advertisers than traditional paid advertisements when it comes to reaching the same audience.

Remarketing is a great strategy for increasing your return on advertising investment (ROAS). The term “ROAS” generally means “return on advertising expenditure,” or how much money you gain from marketing relative to what you spend on advertising.

Your ROAS will be significantly greater if you include remarketing in your entire plan. Remarketing targets the ideal audience to generate far more conversions than many other tactics, leading to more sales and more total income.

Higher Conversion Rates

The ultimate purpose of Internet marketing is to elicit some form of engagement from the end-user. We want the user to engage, whether it’s through a form submission, a document download, or an online transaction. Someone who has already educated themselves about your product or service is one step further along in the purchase cycle than those who are just discovering your website.

Remarketing has the distinct benefit of potentially increasing conversion rates when done correctly. As customers are reminded to visit your website by your advertisements, which are targeted to the correct audience at the right time, it makes sense that more people will make purchases. Your company then has a much greater conversion rate as a result.

Targeted Ad Copy

Additionally, it enables you to create remarketing lists for targeted advertising. For clients that added something to their shopping basket but abandoned the transaction, for instance, you might create a retargeting list. Cart abandonment occurs when a user adds products to their cart but then becomes distracted or leaves with the items remaining in their cart.

You don’t want to lose potential clients because your good or service appears a little too pricey or because they aren’t convinced. The ultimate push to buy, though, can come when they are visiting other websites and your advertisement shows. You wouldn’t address them in the same manner as you would a new user.


Remarketing offers lower costs and higher conversion rates than traditional pay-per-click advertising, and Google Analytics may assist you in using your data to create successful marketing campaigns.

The Google Display Network may increase brand recognition, encourage repeat business, and increase income by displaying your remarketing advertising on millions of websites in several nations.

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