Top 4 Internet Download Managers in 2022.

Download managers are specialized software applications and browser extensions/add-ons that assist in organizing simultaneous downloads and ensuring that downloads of big file sizes continue to download in the proper order.
Most download managers are already capable of performing some of the functions of web browsers (eg. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox), such as downloading multiple files at once or resuming paused downloads.

I’ve had way too many instances where downloads have paused while using Google and they just fail. Considering that in Ghana, data charges are high but inconsistent, it can be very frustrating.

However, one of the advantages of a download manager is that it is easier and faster to download bigger files than it is on actual web browsers. Therefore, here are the four best download managers out and about now;

Internet Download Manager(IDM)

IDM is a user-friendly download manager with an intuitive graphic user interface. You can continue an incomplete download from where it left off with the Internet Download manager (IDM). Other features include; a scheduler with queues available for download, the ability to download in several threads; an informational download dashboard; browser integration for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge; a quick backdrop download, and an increase in download speed.

It is one of the best free download managers that enables cutting-edge browser integration and allows for segmentation that changes.

Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)

The majority of the download managers are cluttered with several menus and settings. However, Xtreme Download Manager (XDMuser )’s interface is incredibly straightforward. You can get a sneak glimpse of media files by using XDM’s download preview feature.

Additionally, it enables you to plan downloads, resume interrupted downloads, restrict download speed, convert files, automatically download files in a particular format, and run specific shutdown settings after downloads. Windows, Mac, and Linux, are particularly suited to this software.

Free Download Manager (FDM)

The browsers Chrome, and Firefox, can be used to monitor and intercept downloads, but they also can operate without them. Batch downloads, torrent downloads, previewing ZIP files before download and even deselecting files you don’t want from the compressed folder, downloading entire websites, restarting broken downloads, performing automatic virus scans on downloads, quickly managing bandwidth allotment for all downloads, and downloading all links from the clipboard are all possible on this download manager.

Downloads are carried out in the order that they are listed in FDM, but you can rearrange the order of the files to change their priority. In addition to the aforementioned, you can also schedule downloads, set traffic restrictions, make a portable version of the software, preview and convert audio and video files before they are fully downloaded, and plan downloads to occur. Opera and others all offer browser monitoring.


Download links for HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, and Magnet files are supported by this open-source download manager Motrix. The ability to manage up to 10 downloads concurrently and 64 threads per job speeds up downloads. You may imitate several user agents with Motrix as well. To download files that are device-restricted, you can therefore at any time pose your computer as an Android or iOS phone.

It offers download limit features, similar to those found in other download managers, to enable you to set data and bandwidth restrictions. The upload limit parameters are a special feature, though, and they are very useful when downloading torrent files. Motrix includes an up-to-date user interface in addition to all the capabilities it possesses.

In general, download managers are useful tools to enable easy download but the ones listed above to ensure that you are guaranteed better results due to their extra features that set them apart from other download managers.

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