How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing – 2022


It can be quite difficult to make money online from running a blog or a website. In some cases, especially for content creators on sites such as YouTube or influencers on Instagram, it’s usually ideal to gain multiple streams of income aside from the wages obtained from these sites. One of the most effective ways to do this is to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a process whereby affiliates or publishers (in this case, bloggers or content creators or influencers) earn money (commission) for marketing a product. Usually what happens is that the affiliate promotes the product and from any sale that is made, they gain a percentage of the profit.

To a large extent, this goes on to benefit both parties; it drives sales and serves as a source of income for the creator. Popular Affiliate Marketing websites include ShareASale, GuruMedia, eBay Partners, etc.


How it works

In order to make money online through Affiliate marketing there need to be three parties in order to be successful. The first is the company or sellers. They are the ones that make or provide the product and also give out a percentage of the profit to the affiliate. The second party is the affiliate. The affiliate is responsible for marketing the product in order to entice their consumers to usually click on a special link that leads to the product. The affiliate essentially serves as a bridge to the product and there are different ways the affiliate could be associated with the product; unattached means the affiliate has very little knowledge about the product, hasn’t used it and therefore cannot offer a detailed analysis of the product; related falls between unattached and involved where even though the affiliate cannot attest to the authenticity of the product (since they don’t use it), their platform is related to that specific product so they can give a general outlook on the product; involved means the affiliate has used the product and can attest to its authenticity.


As established earlier, this works on various media including blogs websites or social networks such as YouTube, Instagram and even WhatsApp. Usually, there is a standard procedure for how affiliate marketing works for different platforms but first, you need to understand that there are different ways in which the affiliate gains a commission from advertising the product. It could be through pay per sale, where the affiliate is paid when the user uses a link on the affiliate’s site to purchase the product, pay per lead, where the user isn’t required to purchase but to either download, fill out forms, subscribe to a newsletter etc. for the affiliate to be paid. Pay per click requires that the link redirects the user from the affiliate’s site to the website of the seller or merchant for the affiliate to be paid and pay per install requires that the user install an app or software before the affiliate is paid.

To make money online through Affiliate Marketing on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook or Twitter, the affiliate or publisher markets the product to their followers in a post and usually posts a link associated with such product under the post or in their bio. When the follower clicks the link and performs the necessary requirements the merchant wants, the affiliate gains a commission.

For YouTube, the creator usually advertises the product in the video sometimes even going as far as to show evidence of them using the product and then posts a link in the description box under the video for users to click on.

For WhatsApp, the status feature is perfect for it. The affiliate advertises the product and includes the link in the story. As an added bonus, try to be convincing in order to sell a lot more products to make money online.

For blogs or websites, the link could be posted at an area-usually at the bottom of the page- for readers or visitors to find.

Affiliate marketing is usually ideal for internet content creators because you can make money online passively, where you can be paid at any time. It’s also low risk, as once you get into it, most require fees upfront with no unexpected fees along the way. Some don’t even require fees. On the flip side, however, it takes a lot of time as it requires that you build a large audience in order to gain influence; nevertheless, it’s a great way to create multiple sources of income if you primarily work on the internet. If you want to know other ways to make money online, check out these articles:

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