4 New Edge Updates to Make Browser the Go-to for Gamers

The new version of Edge, which started rolling out to Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices this week, makes it stand out in the crowded field of top web browsers. Even though most people already have their preferred browsers, Microsoft recently upgraded Edge with a few new gaming features to position it as “the greatest browser for gamers.” These capabilities may prove useful to users even if they don’t play games primarily on the Xbox platform.

Microsoft will add a new, personalized gaming home page with news, game guides, live streams, video game highlights, competitions, forthcoming and recently released titles, and the Xbox Cloud Gaming library with quick access to recently played games and related content. This should improve cloud gaming and the Edge browser usability, to position it as an optimized browser for gaming. Launching Edge and selecting the new “Gaming” heading at the top of the screen will take you to the gaming homepage.

Another new feature in this update is Clarity Boost. According to Microsoft, “Built-in Clarity Boost makes gameplay from the cloud look sharper and clearer when playing in the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows.” This will make games that are streamed over the cloud just as sharp as those that are downloaded on a console. Whether you play on a high-end PC or a tablet, Clarity Boost will function on every compatible device.

If you love some of Microsoft OG games like Solitaire and Minesweeper, then you’re in luck. Microsoft will add those games, as well as Astari Asteroids, Surfer, and Microsoft Jewel to the browser for easy access. This means that users can play them by opening the browser and accessing the Gaming library.

A new feature called Efficiency Mode will be gracing the browser in this new update. This is aimed at improving the gaming performance of Windows 10 and 11. When turned on, the browser will reduce its resource usage when a game is launched. The Efficiency isn’t turned on by default, but it can be turned on directly in the Edge browser settings. You’ll find the option under the System and Performance tab in Edge settings. 

These new changes add to my reasons for why you should switch to Microsoft Edge. If it works as advertized, PC gamers are in for a treat. This should improve both local and cloud gaming. Have you tried Edge? What do you think of these new updates? Let us know in the comments

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