Samsung Could Scrap Samsung S22 FE- And the Entire Series


The Samsung Galaxy S22 FE has been rumoured to be cancelled, according to various sources who spoke with SamMobile. The next-generation “Fan Edition” smartphone is nowhere to be found, according to the claim. If this is accurate, Samsung’s FE line, like its Galaxy Note line, may be phased out.

After only two years, it appears that the corporation is set to retire its FE devices. Fans who sought a more reasonable choice with a flagship chipset from the Korean business, but weren’t prepared to pay as much as the regular S series flagships may be disappointed.

Samsung had trouble launching the Galaxy S21 FE, which arrived about a year after the other members of the S21 series. Rumours circulated at the time that this was linked to the chip-shortage crisis. The S22 series was then launched only a few weeks later. It immediately surpassed the S21 FE in terms of popularity. Despite the fact that the Galaxy S21 FE was released late, there were abundant indications of its existence by this time last year. In June 2021, the official renderings were leaked. Nothing on the market suggests that the Galaxy S22 FE exists. This, paired with reports about the device’s cancellation from reliable sources, indicates that the FE is no longer a worry for Samsung.

The fact that the Galaxy S22 series would be introduced only a few weeks later didn’t help. The Galaxy S21 FE was unable to make a substantial impact on the market as a result of this. It was tough to persuade people to care about the Galaxy S21 FE once the new flagships were out.

As a fan of the FE series, this is not good news. We’d love to know what you think about this! Are you also disappointed? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image credit: Samsung S20FE website

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