Running a blog or website and earning money online can be very challenging. Sometimes, especially for influencers on Instagram or content creators on websites like YouTube, it’s excellent to have additional income streams in addition to those from these platforms. Earning money online with affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient ways to achieve this.

Affiliate Marketing is a terrific way to get a sizable passive income with minimal upfront work so you can make money while you sleep. You can genuinely make money off of someone else’s good or service without having to deal with the inconveniences of creating it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Similar to a referral scheme, Affiliate marketing allows you to recommend or advertise the goods and services you enjoy or know nothing about to your audience on your blog, website, social media platforms, and YouTube channel. Additionally, you receive a modest commission from any purchases made by your viewers when they click through to you.

The commissions can be paid as a fixed sum or as a percentage of each sale, and the owner of the product or service will have given you affiliate links to track sales.

If that sounds complicated, allow me to demystify it for you by describing affiliate marketing’s fundamental principles and how it actually operates.

How does it Work?

In order to make money online through Affiliate marketing there need to be three parties in order to be successful.

The first party is the company or sellers. They are the ones that make or provide the product and also give out a percentage of the profit to the affiliate. The item could be ethereal like an online course or it could be something material like a refrigerator or cosmetics. Similar services include automobile rentals, web hosting, and so forth.

The second is the affiliate. The affiliate is responsible for marketing the product in order to entice their consumers to usually click on a special link that leads to the product. The affiliate essentially serves as a bridge to the product and there are different ways the affiliate could be associated with the product;

  • Unattached: the affiliate has very little knowledge about the product, hasn’t used it, and therefore cannot offer a detailed analysis of the product.
  • Related: falls between unattached and involved where even though the affiliate cannot attest to the authenticity of the product (since they don’t use it), their platform is related to that specific product so they can give a general outlook on the product.
  • Involved: the affiliate has used the product and can attest to its authenticity.

The third party is the consumers. The customers can be the devoted followers of a YouTube channel or the readers of a blog who frequently read the creator’s work to learn new things. They might purchase the recommended good or service if they find the content useful.

How do Affiliate Marketers Earn?

Different methods exist for earning as affiliate marketers:

Pay per click: to send visitors from your blog or other marketing channels to the seller’s website, where the product was first advertised.

Pay per sale: to receive a little portion of the product’s sale price.

Pay per lead: this allows you to be compensated based on how many leads actually convert to email subscriptions, guide downloads, free product trials, etc.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Low Startup Cost

You don’t need to hire an advertising team for ad images or buy advertising space to participate in an affiliate program.

You’ll have to rely on your affiliates to create their marketing content instead of doing it yourself. One of the reasons affiliate marketing has become such a popular technique of marketing is because it requires little effort from you, aside from the initial effort of choosing and verifying affiliates.

Once a business is at ease dealing with an affiliate and has established a solid rapport, they can generally let them handle your service or item marketing.

Passive Income

Affiliate marketing enables you to generate money while you sleep, in contrast to a traditional career where you must work consistently to maintain your income. You can make significant ongoing earnings every time someone makes a purchase via your link by making a small initial time and effort investment.

Whether affiliate marketing is just a side gig for you or a full-time job, you have the possibility to make some good money from it. And that’s all while promoting products and/or services that you know and like.

No expertise required

To succeed, you don’t have to be an expert in affiliate marketing. not immediately. In this industry, repetition is the key to success. You have the freedom to select the advertising campaigns and educational strategy you wish to test in order to advance in your career.

If you’re a blogger, for instance, you can decide to start by creating content that is geared to draw more readers to your blog. The likelihood of connecting with the proper kind of people increases as your blog receives more visitors.


The flexibility that affiliate marketing provides is another fantastic advantage. You have the option of working full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer as a content creator. You can essentially start your adventure as soon as you choose the schedule you think works best for you.

Additionally, it is one of the simplest ways for you to make money from home because all you normally need is a computer and internet access.

The amount of time and effort required will vary depending on the kind of business you wish to advertise. This can be anything from a few hours per week to a full-time position.

Better Performance, More Money

Typically, a job provides a set income whether you work 40 or 45 hours per week. Despite the fact that you can earn bonuses for your strong performance, these are still rather few.

However, your success in affiliate marketing entirely hinges on it. The more you work on your material, develop your brand, and grow your following, the more money you can make.

Requirements to Start Affiliate Marketing

  • Have a blog or website with a good amount of traffic. Check out this article on how to create your own website for free. If your website does not have enough traffic, don’t worry, I’ll detail how you can improve your traffic in subsequent articles.
  • Have a large social media following, with a good amount of reach and engagement. As mentioned earlier, the more people engaging with your affiliate links, the more money you make. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even WhatsApp.

Choosing your Affiliate Marketing Program

It should be simple to find affiliate products to advertise if you’ve done the research to identify a niche. To keep your audience engaged, always choose products and services from your niche rather than products from a completely different specialty.

Here, you have a choice between working directly with a merchant or signing up for an affiliate marketing program. The latter might be simpler for you if you are starting off. They’ll put you in touch with the business people so you can make a solid living.

Amazon Associates Program

In order for bloggers, publishers, and other content producers to monetize their visitors, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Associates Program. Pick from millions of products and promote them to your audience using concurrent links.

With each eligible program or purchase, you will accrue a set quantity of points. To inform your audience about a product and increase sales, simply sign up and join the community of thousands of bloggers and producers. For each eligible purchase and program, Amazon offers you up to a 10% commission. To help customers open the product page directly, you can use tweak connecting tools to create a special product link.


Utilize the ShareASale affiliate program to monetize your content, and by directing readers to pertinent services and goods, you can establish a successful, ongoing business relationship.

By collaborating with their favorite businesses, ShareASale enables content producers and influencers to monetize their work and reach larger audiences. The affiliate program can be used by media partners to create, manage, and locate pertinent brand partnerships.


Similar to Amazon Affiliates, Rakuten’s affiliate publishing program has connections to over 2,500 different merchants who sell a wide variety of goods. Finding a brand to partner with as an affiliate and advertise its goods through Rakuten is simple.

Through thorough and comprehensive reporting, you can keep tabs on your affiliates’ performance. The cashback can be withdrawn using PayPal or a check.

Additionally, increase sales by rewarding customers for their purchases with incentives. By enabling you to generate money while you shop, Rakuten may add interest to your shopping experience. Rakuten provides the greatest prices for you to conveniently purchase anything from restaurants to transportation to clothing to electronics.

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

The affiliate program from ConvertKit is ideal for artists looking to market to other creators. Planning, sending, and managing email campaigns is made simple by email marketing tools. ConvertKit is also simple to use, making it effective for influencers of all expertise levels as well as new blogs.

For each customer who registers via your affiliate link, ConvertKit gives you a 30% commission. As long as the referred customer’s account is active, you will continue to get the commission each month. The monthly plan of your referral affects how much you earn as well. You will receive a higher commission each month, for instance, if they purchase an upgraded plan and have a sizable email list.

Fiverr Affiliate’s Program

The affiliate marketing program on Fiverr offers a few different opportunities to earn a commission and is reasonably lucrative. For the initial purchase of a course or subscription, you can either get a fixed CPA (cost per acquisition) and then get a revenue share of the subscription that you recommended, or you can get a flat payment for every acquisition.

Depending on the item that is purchased, the commission rate changes. Depending on the category a buyer purchases Fiverr offers a range of flat fees. Additionally, it provides commissions on courses and subscription plans ranging from 10% to 50%.

How to Make Your Way to $1000 through Affiliate Marketing

Choose a Niche Product

Although affiliate marketing is simple to start, there is a lot of competition. Furthermore, in order to stand out, you must be clear about the topics you will cover and the audience members’ recommendations.

Therefore, pick a niche and center your brand around it. It aids in the development of a targeted brand and an audience that is aware of what to anticipate from you. And they’ll come to you for information or product recommendations when they have a problem or need advice connected to that subject, which will support your affiliate marketing efforts.

Create Content Around Affiliate Products

It is your responsibility as an affiliate marketer to guide people to the product website where they can complete their purchases by assisting them in making the best possible purchasing decisions with high-quality content.

This implies that your content should target investigational intent keywords, which are the kind of terms that your target market searches for on Google just before making a purchase.

Put Affiliate Links into Content

It’s time to start including affiliate links in your content once you’ve finished your keyword research and come up with some content ideas.

The precise content you’re creating will determine how you integrate your affiliate links. If you’re writing a product review, it wouldn’t make sense to include affiliate links for five distinct goods.

Drive Traffic

Once you’ve established a following and begun producing quality material, it’s crucial to increase traffic so that more people will click on your affiliate links. The methods below can help you do this:

  • Create an email list of your audience or readers. Send them relevant content, offers, newsletters, webinar links, and other things to persuade them to return to your website and see more sales.
  • By using search engine optimization (SEO), you can make your web pages more visible to users of search engines like Google and YouTube. Establish linkages while identifying the keywords that people use to find products and services.
  • You may increase the amount of traffic to your website with the aid of social media. If you write amazing material that is beneficial to them, people will click on your link and wind up on your site.
  • Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements to drive traffic to your website. If you have a marketing budget and high-paying affiliate links, that is a good thing.

Optimize Existing Traffic

The strategy that underpins this following action is known as “the 80/20 rule.” According to the 80/20 rule, 20 percent of your content should account for 80 percent of your income. Although it is obviously not a precise metric, the underlying idea is still valid.

To improve affiliate marketing sales, you may use plugins to design a targeted campaign after you know which posts or videos are popular with your audience.

Market to your Email List

Email marketing is still the finest technique to generate passive revenue, regardless of your perspective. Your email list provides consistent traffic.

Additionally, a lot of individuals who are interested in your niche and have interacted with your content are there. That indicates you are aware of their interest in your subject and that they will make a great target market for your affiliate marketing efforts.


With this knowledge, I hope you can profit from affiliate marketing. You can either choose an affiliate network that appeals to you the most and earns money online while you sleep, or you can work directly with a business to advertise their goods and services in exchange for a commission.

How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing – 2022


It can be quite difficult to make money online from running a blog or a website. In some cases, especially for content creators on sites such as YouTube or influencers on Instagram, it’s usually ideal to gain multiple streams of income aside from the wages obtained from these sites. One of the most effective ways to do this is to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a process whereby affiliates or publishers (in this case, bloggers or content creators or influencers) earn money (commission) for marketing a product. Usually what happens is that the affiliate promotes the product and from any sale that is made, they gain a percentage of the profit.

To a large extent, this goes on to benefit both parties; it drives sales and serves as a source of income for the creator. Popular Affiliate Marketing websites include ShareASale, GuruMedia, eBay Partners, etc.


How it works

In order to make money online through Affiliate marketing there need to be three parties in order to be successful. The first is the company or sellers. They are the ones that make or provide the product and also give out a percentage of the profit to the affiliate. The second party is the affiliate. The affiliate is responsible for marketing the product in order to entice their consumers to usually click on a special link that leads to the product. The affiliate essentially serves as a bridge to the product and there are different ways the affiliate could be associated with the product; unattached means the affiliate has very little knowledge about the product, hasn’t used it and therefore cannot offer a detailed analysis of the product; related falls between unattached and involved where even though the affiliate cannot attest to the authenticity of the product (since they don’t use it), their platform is related to that specific product so they can give a general outlook on the product; involved means the affiliate has used the product and can attest to its authenticity.


As established earlier, this works on various media including blogs websites or social networks such as YouTube, Instagram and even WhatsApp. Usually, there is a standard procedure for how affiliate marketing works for different platforms but first, you need to understand that there are different ways in which the affiliate gains a commission from advertising the product. It could be through pay per sale, where the affiliate is paid when the user uses a link on the affiliate’s site to purchase the product, pay per lead, where the user isn’t required to purchase but to either download, fill out forms, subscribe to a newsletter etc. for the affiliate to be paid. Pay per click requires that the link redirects the user from the affiliate’s site to the website of the seller or merchant for the affiliate to be paid and pay per install requires that the user install an app or software before the affiliate is paid.

To make money online through Affiliate Marketing on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook or Twitter, the affiliate or publisher markets the product to their followers in a post and usually posts a link associated with such product under the post or in their bio. When the follower clicks the link and performs the necessary requirements the merchant wants, the affiliate gains a commission.

For YouTube, the creator usually advertises the product in the video sometimes even going as far as to show evidence of them using the product and then posts a link in the description box under the video for users to click on.

For WhatsApp, the status feature is perfect for it. The affiliate advertises the product and includes the link in the story. As an added bonus, try to be convincing in order to sell a lot more products to make money online.

For blogs or websites, the link could be posted at an area-usually at the bottom of the page- for readers or visitors to find.

Affiliate marketing is usually ideal for internet content creators because you can make money online passively, where you can be paid at any time. It’s also low risk, as once you get into it, most require fees upfront with no unexpected fees along the way. Some don’t even require fees. On the flip side, however, it takes a lot of time as it requires that you build a large audience in order to gain influence; nevertheless, it’s a great way to create multiple sources of income if you primarily work on the internet. If you want to know other ways to make money online, check out these articles:

4 Ways to Make Money Online in Ghana

Top 3 Link Shorteners You Can Earn Money Online From

Are you searching for legit options to make money online In Ghana? Take a read then…

In an ever-changing world where the government has failed the youth time and time again, it’s not surprising that “make money online” is one of the most searched words in Ghana according to search engines. Thus, this article will address just that, and save you a whole journey of clicks and long unnecessary reads. Here are four ways to make money online in Ghana.


There are a plethora of remote online jobs that allow independent individuals to sell their services to other individuals and businesses alike. These websites allow you to sign up for free, create a profile and upload all the necessary details. You also get to include the skills you are going to provide for your clients. Some of these platforms require PayPal as means of payment.
If you have been trying to no avail, to get a PayPal account,
check out this article on how to create a PayPal account in Ghana. These jobs are only contractual ie. for the duration your work is being carried out and ends as soon as the customer receives and confirms, that the work is done. The most popular websites for freelancing in Ghana are Fiverr and Upwork.

Google AdSense

This is Google’s program where bloggers and YouTube content creators are paid to have ads run on their blog pages or in their videos. If you have a blog that has rich, niche content and gets high amounts of traffic, then this is your chance to make money online. All you need to do is sign up for Google AdSense with your Google account.
When you meet all the requirements and Google approves your account, you will be able to dictate how many ads you want on a page and how you want them to look. In the same vein, YouTubers can apply after hitting a thousand subscribers and over four thousand hours of public watch time.

Social Media Content Creation

Websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok allow their highly-followed to have paid sponsorships on their posts, creating an avenue for creators to make money online directly from businesses and corporations. Through live streaming on these platforms, creators can receive monetary gifts from their fans while providing them with entertainment like just chatting, playing games, or even sleeping, yes sleeping (there’s an unusually high level of sleeping “lives” I’ve come across scrolling through Tik Tok feeds). Your content must be compelling, straight to the point, and entertaining. Successful social media creators are able to engage with their followers and release content that their followers can relate to.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where affiliates earn a commission for advertising another person’s products to their followers. With affiliate marketing, you (the affiliate) are given a specific link where you direct users to buy the product. Again, you need to have a good following on your social media or drive traffic to your website or blog pages.
You will be required to showcase the product on your channels and provide your unique links, and any time someone makes a purchase through your link (this is called Conversion), you get a commission at an agreed rate. This is a great way of making some money on the side without having to do too much work. A website I’m familiar with is GuruMedia.

These avenues aren’t quick-cash solutions, but they can expand your sources of income if executed correctly. Patience, consistency, determination, and the willingness to learn and apply key principles will surely get you there in no time.

Stay tuned for articles pertaining to each of these and how you can maximize your efforts to bring you the best results.