5 Best E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders for e-commerce companies. All of the potent e-commerce plugins at your disposal are just one of its many advantages.

You may swiftly and effectively develop your online business with the use of these tools. The market is flooded with WordPress e-commerce plugins. However, not every one of them has the characteristics you need for your use case.

The correct e-commerce plugin is essential for your company because a better platform offers greater room for expansion. Because they didn’t conduct adequate research before selecting the e-commerce platform to launch their business, users frequently wind up losing money.

Features of a Good E-commerce Plugin

  • Your preferred payment gateways should be supported by your e-commerce plugin either by default or through an extension.
  • Verify the availability of support alternatives. In the long term, having good support can save you a ton of money.
  • Your customer’s initial encounter with your company will be through the layout of your store. Ample templates and simple modification possibilities should be provided.
  • Carefully study the integrations offered for third-party applications such as email marketing services, CRM programs, accounting programs, etc. To manage and expand your e-commerce firm more effectively, you’ll need those tools.

Best E-Commerce Plugins


The most used WordPress e-commerce plugin is WooCommerce. Also, it is the world’s most widely used e-commerce platform. In 2015, Automattic—the organization in charge of running WordPress.com’s blog hosting service—purchased WooCommerce.

Anyone may easily open an online store in a matter of minutes (and with only a few clicks!), whether you are selling real or digital things.

WooCommerce supports a substantial number of add-ons and themes. They are supported by a dedicated developer community. Specialized WooCommerce hosting solutions are now being developed by numerous hosting firms.

You may sell both physical products and digital downloads with WooCommerce (such as ebooks, music, software, and more). Also, you can include affiliate or outside products on your website. Affiliate marketers are able to build product websites that offer users a better user experience.

There is also built-in assistance for well-known payment gateways like PayPal, plus you can add many other payment options using extensions.

Its scalability is WooCommerce’s major flaw. To scale your WooCommerce store as it grows, you’ll need to switch to a managed hosting provider. Otherwise, this is the simplest approach to launch your online store and one of the best free plugins available.

Easy Digital Downloads

Using WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), you can quickly sell digital downloads online. It has strong features that make building a stunning and useful digital products store easy.

Easy Digital Downloads is really simple to use; after you log in, you’ll know exactly how to add products and arrange them on the page. For those who are just starting off, this is quite helpful. It works with nearly every WordPress theme; if you don’t have one yet, Easy Digital Downloads provides themes designed especially for the plugin.

While other e-commerce plugins can assist you in selling digital goods from your WordPress store, they also provide numerous capabilities for selling physical goods that you’re unlikely to ever need.

This e-commerce plugin easily interacts with growth tools like OptinMonster to provide content personalization and conversion optimization features, MonsterInsights to provide you with increased e-commerce tracking and AIOSEO to provide you with optimum eCommerce SEO growth.

Easy Digital Downloads is the best e-commerce plugin for that when it comes to selling digital goods online. We have used Easy Digital Downloads to produce tens of millions of dollars annually, both on client sites and on our own initiatives.


You can offer digital items and services with subscription models with MemberPress. It has a ton of integration possibilities and is one of the best WordPress membership plugins. You can even integrate with WooCommerce or LMS LearnDash.

You may specify user access levels and content limitations with powerful access control. Access to restricted content will only be available to people with permission. It also includes a course builder that enables you to construct and sell courses while providing your users with an engaging online learning environment.

Using the AffiliateWP or Easy Affiliates plugins, you can quickly add integrated affiliate management to MemberPress. This enabled you to design your own recommendation system. You can avoid paying middleman costs by doing this. This makes Memberpress, as an e-commerce plugin for WordPress, one of the best in the market


BigCommerce is an e-commerce plugin platform that can be completely hosted and offers seamless WordPress integration. This enables you to utilize WordPress to manage your content and run your website while employing a scalable e-commerce platform.

It may be used to make sales not just on your website but also on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. It doesn’t charge you for each transaction, in contrast to several other e-commerce platforms.

You can manage your whole inventory and sales from a single dashboard. In order to save space, speed up payment processing, and simplify catalogue administration on the backend. It includes a potent WordPress integration plugin that makes it incredibly simple to embed your products in WordPress. The sign-in, cart, account, and other crucial pages are automatically created for you by the system.

Numerous reputable payment gateways are available, and you only have to pay the payment service provider.

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

The Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping cart has good ratings and a layout that appears to be similar to WooCommerce but is in fact pretty distinct. The fact that Ecwid may be utilized on any website you choose is one of the primary differences.

Any user seeking additional built-in tools would prefer Ecwid. This e-commerce plugin is comparable to other plugins in that the features are present and not dispersed over a library or from outside developers. In terms of the general internet store, the free plan is effective. You receive a shopping cart that adapts to mobile devices, support for up to 10 products, and the capacity to sell on several websites. This is obviously a bummer, considering the likes of WooCommerce is a free plugin with huge capabilities

Ecwid is well-known for its ability to interface with most website builders and content management systems. This covers every software, from Wix to Adobe Muse and from WordPress to Squarespace. For some options, free customizations and priority assistance are included, along with phone and chat support.

If you want to build an e-commerce website, any of these plugins should help you build a good online shop. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

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