WhatsApp as Notes App?—More Than A Messaging App

WhatsApp is a messaging app. Let me get that out the way. What if I told you WhatsApp could be better than, hear me out, the default Notes app on your phone? In this article, I’ll talk about setting it up and the pros of WhatsApp over your Notes app.

Using WhatsApp as your Notes app may sound Ludacris, but it makes perfect sense. Basically, all you’ll be doing is messaging yourself, which feels like a waste of time. WhatsApp doesn’t have this as a feature as of 2022, but there are ways around it.

Things WhatsApp can do that your default Note apps can’t

  • You can keep media pictures and videos, etc.
  • You can record information you need to keep but wouldn’t be able to type.
  • Save important voice notes.
  • Your notes are encrypted by WhatsApp. Your regular Notes app can save your data, but they are not encrypted. Some notepad apps can do this but at a fee.
  • You can access it on any device WhatsApp is compatible with, as long as you regularly back up your chats.

How to Create A Chat with yourself.

  • Creating a New Contact

The trick here is to create a contact with your mobile phone number and save it. Allow WhatsApp to re-sync your contacts and check for your phone number. Tap on the floating button to create a new chat and select the new contact. From here, you don’t have to do this every time you need to start a note. You can view the chat from the chat screen

  • Creating a Group Chat

So this method will create a group chat with yourself as the only member. WhatsApp won’t allow you to create a group chat with just you, so you can add at least one of your contacts and then remove them quickly. Once they’re gone, the group will still stand with you being the only participant. You can repeat this method severally if you want to have your notes themed. You can have Reminders, Important, Memes, Recipes, etc., as different groups and use them accordingly. If you want to share a particular theme group with another person, you can add them as a participant.

  • Using a Chat Link

As of 2020, WhatsApp added a chat link feature that allowed users to start chats with other users. You do not have to have their contact information on your phone to message someone. You can use that to create a chat with yourself. The format for the link is wa.me/phonenumber. Replace the “phone number” with your phone number with your country code. Type this in your browser, and within seconds, WhatsApp will open, creating a new chat with yourself.

WhatsApp can be a free notes app with advantages over many default Note apps and many others in the Store. Be sure to give this a try and let us know in the comments what you think.

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