WhatsApp Finally Has Reactions- What Implications Does it Have for Messaging?

The global number one messaging app WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to react to messages in individual and group chats. This feature had already been rolled out in other Meta apps like Facebook and Instagram, and it doesn’t come as a surprise we’re seeing this feature on WhatsApp.

Reactions have become huge in other social media apps over the past few years. Why use words or type emojis to express love for a cute video of a baby your partner sent when you can choose that expression among the list of reactions. This will change how we use WhatsApp from now on.

All you need to do to use a reaction is to long-tap on a message. Six reaction emojis will pop up, and then you can tap on the reaction you want to use. In group chats, there is a reaction count that displays at the bottom of the message bubble. It’ll save time in typing out words to react to messages. You can respond to a funny message with the laughter emoji or agree to vacation plans with a thumbs-up emoji.

The reactions can also serve as a poll tool in group chats. Say a group of friends are having trouble choosing a vacation destination. The group can express their opinion by reacting to messages with positive reactions. Since there’s a count on reactions used, the organizer can then go with what the majority wants.

This modification allows anyone to see precise reactions to each image or video in a gallery without opening the album, in case you missed it in previews. Instead of only displaying the emojis that each user has used, WhatsApp will display a thumbnail for each piece of media that has been liked — all on a single page that exists outside of the gallery.

This wouldn’t be the first time Meta is crossing over features from another of their apps and definitely wouldn’t be the last. The Reactions is a welcome feature on WhatsApp though and I’m looking forward to seeing what more WhatsApp can do with this.

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