YouTube Launches Correction Feature on the Platform- Best News for Creators In 2022


YouTube has launched a new feature called “corrections” on its platform that allows creators to bring attention to corrections made in already published videos. Before, the only way to make corrections to grave mistakes in published videos was to altogether remove the video, edit and then re-upload it.

This in and of itself mostly posed a disservice to YouTube creators, especially in cases where the mistake was only noticed weeks or months after publishing the video. At that point, any form of engagement the YouTube video had would have been lost and any effort to replicate its success might prove futile. In cases where the mistakes weren’t dire, creators could address them in the description box of the video or make a comment and pin it in the comment section. This posed its own problem in instances where the video is posted somewhere else or when people didn’t read the description. If you made a video detailing a phenomenon and something you said was no longer the case or there’s been a minor update, you could just add that info to the video to make sure everyone watching the video doesn’t miss the correction

This feature doesn’t allow for editing of the actual YouTube video but provides the creator with an avenue to make notes explaining or correcting any error in the video. For the viewer, the feature includes an info card that shows up at the top right corner of the video at the timestamp where the first correction has been made. When clicked, it reveals the video description where the creator has written an explanation or correction.  It would be of great help, especially for videos about ever-evolving topics that might need updating every now and then. Viewers can be directed to any new video about any such topic in the “correction” tab.

It solves the problem of people missing corrections in descriptions or unpinned comments by creators by easily drawing people’s attention to the written corrections. Not everyone goes through the comments while or after watching a video, so relying on pinned comments to make corrections was all but a great solution to this dire problem. 

Even though it doesn’t allow for editing published videos which would probably be the ideal choice, it’s a start. We would love to know what you think!

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