Google AdSense: Configure Ads on Your Website the Right Way and Get Paid -2022.

In a previous article, we looked at how to get started with a Google AdSense account and how to set it up on your website. In this post, I’ll be taking you through how to set up ads and the best tips to ensure you make the most money you can from Google AdSense.

Configuring Ads:

After Google has approved your website to display ads, it’s time to configure what type of ads Google should serve and how they are displayed on the site. There are two ways to configure ads: Auto Ads and Ad Units.

Auto Ads:

With auto ads, Google will automatically set up the type of ads to display and where to place them based on machine learning. It is the faster way to set up ads on your site since you are leaving the work to Google. With just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to serve ads. Here’s how to set up Auto ads:

⦁ Click Ads, and then Overview.
⦁ Turn on Auto ads under Ads Settings.
⦁ Uncheck Optimize your Unit Ads? if you don’t want Google to combine the optimization of your current ad units and Auto advertising, and to position advertisements in the top-performing ad locations.
⦁ Click Ad load and use the slider to determine the number of ads you show on a given page of your website.
⦁ In the “Page exclusions” section, click Manage select pages that you want to exclude from showing Auto ads. This is helpful if you have a premium membership feature on your website where paid members don’t want to see ads.
⦁ Click on Apply to Site
⦁ It’s time to choose your save option. You can select Apply Now, then Save to save your settings directly on your site. Or choose Run Experiment to test your new settings. This experiment lasts run on 50% of your traffic and will end when Google has collected sufficient data.

Create Ad Units:

With Ad Units, you have full control of how the ad will look, its size and where it’ll be displayed on the web page. That means you’re doing all the work yourself. To create Ad units:

⦁ Go to the Overview page of the Ads section
⦁ Click on By Ad Unit
⦁ Click Display Ads
⦁ Give your Ad unit a unique name and description to make it easy to find
⦁ In the Ad size sections, there are two options to choose from: Responsive and Fixed.

Responsive ads automatically adapt their size to fit your page layout and your users’ devices. This is best for beginners who are still trying to find their feet in AdSense. However, with Fixed, you have full control of the size of the ads. When you select Fixed, enter the width and height of the ads. All ads displayed on the site will be in this size. This will limit the number of ads that can show on your website, no matter how likely the visitor may click on them.

⦁ Click Save and Get Code
⦁ Copy and paste the ad unit code in between the <body><body/> tags of your pages where you want ads to appear.
⦁ Click Done. Wait for a while, at most an hour and Google will start serving ads on your page.

Here are some tips to have a successful AdSense campaign on your website.

⦁ Never click on your ads. It is seen as fraudulent and a breach of Google AdSense’s Terms and Conditions. Make sure no one in your household clicks on your ads. That will mean you’re trying to get money on fraudulent clicks. Google can terminate your AdSense account entirely if they catch wind of that.

⦁ Find the best placement for Ads. You want visitors of your site to be able to see the ads to get paid. So try to be creative and display ads where they’re most likely to be seen. Make sure the ad doesn’t intrude on content on your website. This may drive visitors away.

⦁ Continue to create unique and engaging content to keep visitors coming. If you lose relevance, you lose traffic. And if you’re not getting traffic anymore, then you won’t make a lot of money from AdSense.

⦁ It’s best not to set up ads on e-commerce sites. Google serves ads on websites with similar topics or themes. Thus, if you serve ads on your e-commerce site, your website visitors may be shown ads from competitor sites and that could drive your potential customers away.

Google AdSense is a good way to earn money online. To get the best out of it, use these tips as a guide and watch your AdSense account soar. We’d love to know what you think in the comments!

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