How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel in 2022.

YouTube Partners program is one way to make money online in 2022. We have an article on the different means of making money online in 2022. You can check it out here. The YouTube Partners Program is accessible in many countries, including Ghana. This program pays creators for having ads in their videos. These ads are from their Google Ads Program, where businesses pay Google to advertise on their websites, including YouTube. So money made from ads shown on your video is split into 55-45 percent, with the creator receiving 45% and Google 55%. Growing your channel and gaining more views on your channel means more money for you as a creator.

To be eligible for the YouTube Partners Program, the creator must:

  • Be a citizen of supported countries (Ghana included),
  • Have original content,
  • Have 1000 channel subscribers,
  • Have videos with 4000 hours of video watch-time over the last 365 days. NB: This is not the same as 4000 hours of lifetime views,
  • Make their videos public.
  • Protect their account with 2-step authentication,
  • Have no community guidelines strikes on their channel. If you do, wait until they expire before applying.
  • Comply with all YouTube monetization policies and Terms and Conditions.


To check your monetization eligibility

Open YouTube Studio, and in the menu options, click on Monetization. Two different screens depending on your eligibility status.


If you’re not yet eligible: 

Your screen will help you track the goals you need to reach before being eligible. You’ll be able to see a summary of your current subscribers, watch-time, number of community guidelines strikes, and 2-step verification activation on your channel.

Click on “Notify me when I’m Eligible”, and Google will send you an email when your eligibility status changes.


If you’re eligible:

You’ll see three steps you have to follow to apply for monetization:

Step 1: Review Partner Program Terms

To complete this step, you need to read and accept all of the Partners Program’s Terms and Conditions. You won’t be able to progress if you don’t do this.


Step 2: Sign up for Google AdSense: This is where you connect an existing AdSense account or create a new AdSense account. This AdSense account is the avenue Google will use to pay you for showing ads on your channel.


Step 3: Get Reviewed: Google will review your application and channel in full detail. This review should usually take a month or less, and you’ll receive an email of approval or rejection. Google will tell you the reasons why if disapproved. You can still re-apply after 30 days when you’ve fixed the issues in detail.


If you are approved, you’ll receive an email that will allow you to set up your channel to start the monetization of your channel.

YouTube content creation may be daunting for you in the beginning. All I’ll say is ride it out, make your videos better, be willing to learn, and you’ll see your channel grow as you get better.


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