Top 5 Android Apps to improve your Life/Phone Experience


There are numerous Android apps in the Play Store and thousand more not listed in the store. In this article, I’ll talk about three apps that will improve your Android experience and enhance your life. I’ve personally used these apps for extended periods, so what I’ll write is based on my experience with said apps.


Samsung Health

As is said often, health is wealth. No app encapsulates that better than the Samsung Health app. Other Android health apps like Google Fit and Huawei do a great job, but personally, I can confidently say Samsung Health has more features and is consistent. First off, the Samsung Health app tracks the number of steps taken in a day. You can set a personal daily goal to try to hit intentionally, improving your general health. You can also compete with other users with the app.

 If you’re trying to monitor how you eat, then this app is the best for you. You can set a calorie daily limit and log your meals for the day. Based on calculated calories for different food items, the app will state your calorie intake at the end of each day. It is not accurate, but it will give you an idea of the ballpark your calorie intake is in. The Samsung Health app tracks your sleep and summarises your sleep stats over any desired period. 

 As an added bonus, if you’re using the Samsung S8/S8 plus, which came with the heart rate sensor, you can use the app to check your heart rate and stress levels. If your stress level is high, there are breathing exercises you can do.

Do you want to keep fit through exercises? The Samsung Health app has many exercise videos with timers, simulating the experience with an actual trainer. It’ll keep a calendar of your rest and workout days, monitor days you completed workouts, and remind you to start your exercise on scheduled days. When it comes to Android apps in this field, Samsung Health blows the rest out of the water.



The stock Notes apps on most phones are not great. While I have an article detailing how great WhatsApp can be as a Notes App, OneNote is one of the best free notes Android apps I’ve used. My experience with OneNote began with my first Microsoft Lumia Phone in 2016. In 2022, I have all my notes from back then because the OneNote app saves your notes in the cloud. So regardless of the number of times you change devices, once you log in to your Microsoft account, you’ll have access to all your notes. You can attach pictures, locations, music, and voice notes to a document with little to no issues. This app includes a handwriting feature that allows you to make notes with a stylus or your finger (not ideal). This is rare in most Android apps. This feature mimics traditional note-making and will suit people who cherish writing with their hands. One perk this note has over other Note Apps is the synchronisation across devices concurrently. If you have a Windows PC, you most likely have the Microsoft Office apps, which include OneNote. This means you can switch from your phone to PC seamlessly.


expressPay Android App

ExpressPay is a finance app on the Play store that caters for all payment needs in Ghana. It links with all viable payment methods in Ghana like Vodafone cash, MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Money, VISA cards, etc. You can send money and airtime credits to friends and family. The catch here is that you can save the contact information of people you usually send money to. In that case, the next time you send money, you save yourself a few clicks and having to temporarily memorize the number. You can also send money to and from your VISA card without any issues. You can save your visa card information on the app, therefore only needing your fingerprint to confirm payment without typing out the card details every single time. 

 You can also pay all bills under the Ghana sun. You can pay light and water bills, DSTV and GOTV subscriptions, and top up your Shell Card. You can make payments for reservations in popular hotels in Ghana and even pay tithes in listed churches in Ghana. I think expressPay is the best fin-tech Android app in Ghana.


ForceLTE Only

As the name suggests, the ForceLTE app will let you keep your phone network on LTE or 4G at all times. In Ghana, we don’t get a stable network from these Internet Service Providers, like Vodafone Ghana or MTN Ghana. This, therefore, makes working online stressful, especially in the afternoons. Thus, this app is a god-sent. It works perfectly for all android phones, even phones with Android 12. The disadvantage to this is that you won’t be able to make or receive calls when the 4G only mode is on. So you have to use it wisely. If you know for sure you may be receiving important or urgent calls, don’t turn it on. Also, don’t forget to turn it off when you’re done. This app improves your browsing experience massively and I recommend it to people who live in areas where a sustainable 4G network is a myth.


Download Twitter Videos

How many times have you seen a video on either Twitter or Instagram that you would’ve loved to save on your phone? Because this function doesn’t exist, people resort to Save Video bots on Twitter to get a download link. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. With this app, all you need to do is tap on the Share button, and select this app. Once the app opens, you would be asked to choose the video resolution you want and the app will automatically begin downloading the video. This app is such a hassle-free experience, and you get to download any video on Twitter. Works for Instagram too despite the name, but you have to log in every time, so I wouldn’t recommend it for Instagram. 

Give these apps a shot. These Android apps make life easier and generally better. If you have any app recommendations, please let us know in the comments.

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