8 Best Websites for Stock Photos

If you want to know the best sites to get stock photos, continue reading.

Whether you are starting a new business or trying out ways to improve an already existing one, it is an absolute must to have a compelling marketing scheme to draw in customers. Quite especially for your website or advertisements both off and on the internet, which gives potential customers all the information they would need, many elements are needed to draw attention some of which include the graphics (This could also apply when you want to spice up your blog). If you want to learn how to create a free blog website, click here

However, it can be quite difficult to find some components of the graphics such as eye-catching photos on the internet that would fit your scheme and wouldn’t require you to spend much due to issues of copyright, especially as an upcoming business. To lessen your load, therefore, here are five of the best websites for stock photos to help you get started;


Users can locate free, high-quality stock pictures as well as other visual resources including vector images, drawings, and PSD files using the sophisticated search engine Freepik. You can download many graphic materials and use them for any kind of personal or commercial design project.

Additionally, Freepik’s search engine features robust filters that make it easier to find any kind of resource, including orientation, color, style, and others. Users of Freepik can download graphic elements in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop-compatible formats.


One of the biggest, best, and most established stock photography websites is Shutterstock. It also ranks among the top ten largest stock sites. A microstock company renowned for holding the largest online collection of stock photography, with over 190 million files and growing, and for inventing the market-revolutionizing stock picture subscription model.

They adhere to stringent technical guidelines and obviously offer an almost limitless choice of information. The website also features a very useful search option that makes it simple to browse through the millions of photographs on the site and select the ideal one you want to use in social media, blog articles, and advertisements.


Unsplash is a free photo-downloading website run by the proprietors of Crew, a marketplace that links users to independent designers, web developers, and small studio services. The Unsplash team reviews new contributions and displays the absolute finest images on their homepage.

Under the terms of the Unsplash license, all images are freely available. offers a large collection of free high-resolution photos and has become one of the best sources for stock images.

It has grown to be one of the greatest sources for stock images and provides a big library of free high-resolution images. All of the photographs on this website are completely free; there is no catch. The proprietors utilize it to draw visitors and customers to their Crew services, and more recently, they are creating business prospects based only on Unsplash. The team behind it is really concerned about creating a website that looks highly professional. It’s still best to exercise caution while using the CC0 license model, but it’s still an extremely cool service to get free stock


This website includes a huge collection of excellent pictures. It has a slightly stronger business and marketing focus than Unsplash, which is frequently beneficial for bloggers and content marketers. The fact that Pixabay also provides free vectors and drawings is a significant plus. All images have a Creative Commons CC0 license.


In order to sell stock pictures online with a royalty-free license utilizing a micropayment system, iStock (formerly known as iStockphoto) was the first microstock agency. The majority of the stock photography websites that are currently prevalent on the internet use this concept.

The iStock stock site sells photographs on-demand with subscriptions and credit packs (the larger the pack, the lower the unitary price). It has been in business for 18 years and is supported by the famed Getty Images, which we shall talk about later. The organization is now well-known for its meticulously maintained library, which houses hundreds of millions of photos in two primary collections. The website did, however, also include a search function and category-based image browsing.


This site features a big collection of lovely free stock images. This website stands out from other stock photo websites due to a few advantages. First, the website features a more powerful search feature that enables you to narrow down photographs by color, orientation, style, the number of people in the photo, the age of the models, and other factors.

Second, where necessary, Vecteezy offers model and property releases that have been duly signed. Other websites that offer free stock photos frequently neglect the fact that doing these shields users (and their designs) from any legal liability. Finally, each photo submission is personally examined for quality by members of Vecteezy’s content staff. As a result, a high standard of quality is ensured by the careful curation of their photo collection.

Getty Images

One of the most renowned stock photography companies in the world is Getty Images. So much so that it essentially serves as the definition of stock photography. This agency is renowned for its extraordinarily diverse catalog full of top-notch photography for commercial purposes, including millions of exclusive images from all over the world, plus a sizable collection of editorial content. This traditional business was founded before the Internet era and quickly adapted to an online platform.

You can purchase photographs with Rights Managed licenses from Getty Images. This more conventional licensing arrangement is tailored to your individual requirements and may include benefits like exclusive usage of the image. Compared to royalty-free, this license offers substantially higher pricing points, starting at hundreds up to thousands of dollars.

Envato Elements

The stock media provider Envato just launched a new service called Envato Elements. This platform houses a number of marketplaces, each focusing on a different type of media (stock photos, stock footage, stock vectors, stock audio, etc.). A subscription is required to access Elements, which is effectively a hand-selected selection of over 630,000 files from all of their markets. It contains stock images, vector graphics, movies, music tracks, templates, instructions, and more.

The stock photos websites above are definitely sure to get you sorted out when you need photos without having to deal with copyright issues.

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