To share your posts on your social media pages is a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase the post’s reach. Facebook boasts of more than 2 billion active users and Twitter, has about 330 million active users. These stats are buttressing the point that sharing your posts on either of these platforms is a great way to send eyes to your articles.

Social networking websites provide you with a lot of exposure, regardless of your perspective. You may get in on the activity and increase traffic to your website if you play your cards well. In this article, we’ll look at how to share your posts automatically on your social media pages from your WordPress posts.

Why Automatic?


It can be a tedious task to continually create new social media posts every time you publish a post. And not for just one social media channel, but you may have to create for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, you can share directly from Facebook to Instagram, provided you have linked both pages.


Because of the million other things on your schedule, you may forget to share great posts on your social media pages that could drive traffic to your blog site. It’s human to be forgetful, but it doesn’t make you feel any less regret knowing you had a potential post on your hands and didn’t remember to share them.

Benefits of Sharing on Social Media

Drive traffic

One of the most popular platforms worldwide is social media. This implies that social media can help you generate a lot of traffic for your website. People will click on your link and end up on your site if you publish fantastic content that is helpful to them. Right, you want more people to discover your stuff. If so, you must divulge it.

There’s a chance that thousands of people will view an article or photograph you publish. Simply share your posts and include a call to action urging potential clients to contact your business if they want to learn more.

Improve Brand Awareness

If you want to establish your brand, share your posts on social media platforms. Your goal is to increase the number of your “people” who discover your material because as they do, they will learn more about your brand.

Increased business recognition and accessibility for new clients are two benefits of increased social media presence. Additionally, it enables you to be open with readers, fostering relationships and enhancing your reputation.

Search Engine Optimization

Posting on social media is one of the best SEO practices to help you rank higher in organic search results. Your search engine results will improve when you share your posts on social networking websites. How? Sharing essentially results in the creation of connections to your website from social media sites. These platforms often have strong domain authority, and the link profile will aid search engines in finding more of your material.

Second, social signals like likes, comments, shares, and retweets are taken into account by search engines when determining how to rank your page. Your search rankings go better as you gather more social signals. The more visitors you attract to your website, the higher your search ranks will be.

More Opportunities to Convert

Every time you make a post on a social media network, you give potential consumers the chance to convert. You build a loyal and active following on social media sites, make sure to update frequently. Every image, article, or post you publish gives readers the chance to respond, which may result in site conversion. Social media posting is a powerful tool for connecting with new clients and business partners, creating linkages, and expanding the reach of your brand.

How to Automatically Share Your Posts on Social Media Posts Using JetPack

You can automatically share your posts to social media sites using WordPress plugins. The best available and free plugin to do this is JetPack. This comes with multiple features and you can post on the three most popular social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) automatically.

How to Install

  • Log in to your WordPress site’s Dashboard.
  • In the left panel, click on “Plugins” and click “Add New”.
  • Search for “Jetpack”. Click on the link “Install Now”.
  • On the top right, click on “Connect to”. Log in with your account
  • Click “Authorise Jetpack”.
  • After connecting Jetpack with an account of your choice, you’ll be redirected to the Jetpack pricing page. Scroll to the bottom and click Start for free, as shown below.

How to Use JetPack

  • Next, click the Settings button
  • Click the Sharing option
  • Toggle Automatically share your posts to social networks, then click Connect your social media accounts.
  • On the page that opens in a new tab, connect your social media accounts. With JetPack, you can automatically share your posts to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. You can also connect your Mailchimp account so that users that have signed up to your mailing list will receive posts directly in their mail.
  • Return to your WordPress admin dashboard after integrating your social network accounts, and create a new test post. (This is to make sure everything is working accordingly. We’ll delete this post afterward)
  • You can now see your Jetpack Publicize under the Publish button. Once you publish, the post will automatically be uploaded to all social media accounts connected to JetPack.

It’s a terrific strategy to establish your brand and increase traffic to your WordPress website to share your posts on social media. We advise utilizing plugins like Jetpack as manual post sharing is a time-consuming and laborious process. If you faced any challenges or have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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