To share your posts on your social media pages is a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase the post’s reach. Facebook boasts of more than 2 billion active users and Twitter, has about 330 million active users. These stats are buttressing the point that sharing your posts on either of these platforms is a great way to send eyes to your articles.

Social networking websites provide you with a lot of exposure, regardless of your perspective. You may get in on the activity and increase traffic to your website if you play your cards well. In this article, we’ll look at how to share your posts automatically on your social media pages from your WordPress posts.

Why Automatic?


It can be a tedious task to continually create new social media posts every time you publish a post. And not for just one social media channel, but you may have to create for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, you can share directly from Facebook to Instagram, provided you have linked both pages.


Because of the million other things on your schedule, you may forget to share great posts on your social media pages that could drive traffic to your blog site. It’s human to be forgetful, but it doesn’t make you feel any less regret knowing you had a potential post on your hands and didn’t remember to share them.

Benefits of Sharing on Social Media

Drive traffic

One of the most popular platforms worldwide is social media. This implies that social media can help you generate a lot of traffic for your website. People will click on your link and end up on your site if you publish fantastic content that is helpful to them. Right, you want more people to discover your stuff. If so, you must divulge it.

There’s a chance that thousands of people will view an article or photograph you publish. Simply share your posts and include a call to action urging potential clients to contact your business if they want to learn more.

Improve Brand Awareness

If you want to establish your brand, share your posts on social media platforms. Your goal is to increase the number of your “people” who discover your material because as they do, they will learn more about your brand.

Increased business recognition and accessibility for new clients are two benefits of increased social media presence. Additionally, it enables you to be open with readers, fostering relationships and enhancing your reputation.

Search Engine Optimization

Posting on social media is one of the best SEO practices to help you rank higher in organic search results. Your search engine results will improve when you share your posts on social networking websites. How? Sharing essentially results in the creation of connections to your website from social media sites. These platforms often have strong domain authority, and the link profile will aid search engines in finding more of your material.

Second, social signals like likes, comments, shares, and retweets are taken into account by search engines when determining how to rank your page. Your search rankings go better as you gather more social signals. The more visitors you attract to your website, the higher your search ranks will be.

More Opportunities to Convert

Every time you make a post on a social media network, you give potential consumers the chance to convert. You build a loyal and active following on social media sites, make sure to update frequently. Every image, article, or post you publish gives readers the chance to respond, which may result in site conversion. Social media posting is a powerful tool for connecting with new clients and business partners, creating linkages, and expanding the reach of your brand.

How to Automatically Share Your Posts on Social Media Posts Using JetPack

You can automatically share your posts to social media sites using WordPress plugins. The best available and free plugin to do this is JetPack. This comes with multiple features and you can post on the three most popular social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) automatically.

How to Install

  • Log in to your WordPress site’s Dashboard.
  • In the left panel, click on “Plugins” and click “Add New”.
  • Search for “Jetpack”. Click on the link “Install Now”.
  • On the top right, click on “Connect to”. Log in with your account
  • Click “Authorise Jetpack”.
  • After connecting Jetpack with an account of your choice, you’ll be redirected to the Jetpack pricing page. Scroll to the bottom and click Start for free, as shown below.

How to Use JetPack

  • Next, click the Settings button
  • Click the Sharing option
  • Toggle Automatically share your posts to social networks, then click Connect your social media accounts.
  • On the page that opens in a new tab, connect your social media accounts. With JetPack, you can automatically share your posts to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. You can also connect your Mailchimp account so that users that have signed up to your mailing list will receive posts directly in their mail.
  • Return to your WordPress admin dashboard after integrating your social network accounts, and create a new test post. (This is to make sure everything is working accordingly. We’ll delete this post afterward)
  • You can now see your Jetpack Publicize under the Publish button. Once you publish, the post will automatically be uploaded to all social media accounts connected to JetPack.

It’s a terrific strategy to establish your brand and increase traffic to your WordPress website to share your posts on social media. We advise utilizing plugins like Jetpack as manual post sharing is a time-consuming and laborious process. If you faced any challenges or have any questions, let us know in the comments.

Facebook Looking to Provide More Avenues For Creators to Make Money.

In a Facebook post by Mark Zuckerberg this week, Meta is looking to create more avenues for creators to make more money on its platforms (Facebook & Instagram).

Zuckerberg revealed that Meta is experimenting with a specific Instagram location where content producers can be found and compensated for their work. According to Meta, businesses may publish fresh relationship possibilities in the creative marketplace. A brand may send a project to a creative with the specifics, including information about deliverables and payment, once they have found one with whom they wish to collaborate. According to Meta, Instagram DMs will include a collaboration messaging folder where creators and companies may sort through their offers and undertakings.

According to the post on Facebook, Zuckerberg says Meta is expanding the Reel Play Bonus to more creators on the app. Creators will now be able to post reels on both platforms, making it easier for creators that publish on both platforms. You’ll now be able to post your Instagram reels directly to Facebook and monetize them there.

Beginning next week, American-based producers who have produced more than five Reels and have attracted a total of at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days are eligible to apply for the Facebook Reels Play bonus program. To be eligible for the program, creators must adhere to Meta’s Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies.

The program was invite-only before its expansion. According to Meta, the program has attracted a lot of interest, and applications are currently being accepted.

Meta is also introducing interoperable subscriptions to let creators give their paying subscribers on other platforms access to subscriber-only Facebook Group. The business claims that these exclusive groups represent Meta’s initial investment in creators’ interoperable monetization capabilities, which enables artists to accept money from their followers on other platforms and provide access to Facebook’s special features.

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Elon Musk Has Threatened To Renege On Twitter Deal.

Elon Musk in a letter to Twitter’s head of legal has stated that he is reconsidering his deal to buy twitter owing to the fact that he believes the company is withholding accurate information about the number of spam and fake accounts on the site.

In the letter, his attorney accuses Twitter of breaching the merger agreement by not giving him accurate information that the deal states he has a right to.

This development follows directly after Musk took to Twitter less than a month ago to announce that the deal was on hold due to the same issue.

Earlier this year, on April 14, Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce his plans to buy the social media platform citing its failure to enforce freedom of speech and his apparent desire to change the site for the better.

Timeline on acquisition

Musk’s plans to acquire Twitter apparently began in January 2022, when he purchased shares of the company without knowledge of the general public. On March 14 he had bought up to 5% of Twitter shares but didn’t disclose any info about it.  However, on March 24, Musk began to make tweets directed at Twitter concerning freedom of speech and went on to make polls, asking his followers if they thought twitter provided a space for freedom of speech.

After a meeting with the former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey to discuss the “future of social media” and Twitter heads meeting about Musk and wanting him to agree to a deal, where statements he would make about the company were limited, on April 4, it was revealed that Elon Musk was the largest shareholder of Twitter which drove up shares.

Twitter was in talks with Musk for him to join the board which he agreed to and in a letter addressed to Twitter employees, current twitter CEO, Parang Agrawal announced that Elon Musk had joined the board. This meant that Musk couldn’t buy shares for more than 14.9%.

On April 10, Musk dropped out of the board which allowed him to tweet as much as he wanted about the company and gave him the opportunity to buy as many shares as he wanted.

He then announced on April 14, his plans to buy Twitter for $41.4bn citing his desire to promote free speech but said it couldn’t be done unless Twitter was privately owned.

However, Twitter’s board of directors devised a short-term shareholder rights plan which would prevent Elon Musk from acquiring the company. After Musk revealed that he had yet to receive a formal response, the company agreed to sell to him on April 25.

In the next few days, a few executives from Twitter were laid off, there was a temporary hold on Twitter, Elon Musk sold Tesla stock and announced his decision to un-ban former US President Donald Trump from Twitter, as part of his quest to promote free speech.

However, on May 13, Musk tweeted that the deal was on hold as he didn’t believe twitter’s claims that the number of spam and fake accounts made up only about 5% of users. Musk’s announcement led to Twitter shares dropping more than 10%. Later Musk announced that he still had plans to buy the company.

On May 14, Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter’s legal team had accused him of breaking an NDA, when he stated that the sample size twitter used to determine the number of spam and fake accounts was 100.

On May 17, in a series of tweets between Musk and the CEO, Agrawal, the CEO explained the steps twitter was taking to reduce the number of spam and fake accounts. But Musk only responded with a poop emoji and later asked how advertisers knew they were getting for their money.

On May 17, Elon Musk announced that the deal couldn’t move forward claiming that he believed that the number of fake and spam accounts made up 20% of users and not 5% as Twitter claimed. Twitter however stated that the deal was still moving forward.

On June 6, Elon threatened to rescind his decision to buy the company. Elon’s dropping out of the deal would lead to a fine of about $1bn.

Four Ways to Increase Engagement and Followers on Instagram

For various reasons, including making money, most Instagram users have the desire to increase the number of followers on the site. However, it could be difficult considering the rising number of users daily. To make things a little easier for you, here are four tips on how to increase engagement and followers on Instagram.

Avoid fake followers 

The first step to increasing your followers is to avoid using underhanded means to gain followers. Usually, these are taken care of by shady companies that require money. Since they have no credentials to determine if these companies are credible or not, it’s easy to lose money or reap very little than promised. In other cases, where you do get your money’s worth, the followers are mostly just bots, and they provide very little in terms of engagements which are essential for driving traffic to your account, especially if you are seeking to promote your business. Even if the bots increase the number of engagements on a post, the comments are usually a dead giveaway that something’s up. It could actually drive away potential followers or customers. If this is not enough to deter you, Instagram could get wind of suspicious activity; the companies usually require access to your login details which alerts Instagram; you might receive a warning or even have your account deactivated. So you might want to lay off the fake followers. In fact, the best way to secure a sustainable following is to engage actual people anyway.

Plan what you want your account to be about. 

It’s important to have a set idea as to what you want your Instagram account to entail. People that visit your account should instantly have an idea of what you are about, the instant they do so. You might want to mainly address problems usually associated with your area of interest. People respond more when they realize problems they have could be solved; your posts should reflect that. Whether your page aims to solve problems or you are using the opportunity to brand yourself an influencer, your posts should reflect it.

Specific Aesthetic

Have a specific aesthetic associated with your account; Instagram is a site heavily centered around visuals. What attracts people to check out posts is the layout, and one of the best things to do is to create attractive grids as they are the first parts of your account likely to grab people’s attention. For instance, you might want to choose a specific color scheme to give your page a more coordinated look.

Be consistent

You might want to post pretty often, especially at the beginning. Posting frequently, while using accurate keywords and hashtags is a sure way to get people to acknowledge and follow your account. Avoid using wrong hashtags or using trendy hashtags even though they’re not representative of what you do. This is a major turn-off for most people. Choose days and times you want to post and be diligent about it. It could also ensure that your account is easier to find in searches.

There are definitely more tips to help you gain more followers on Instagram, but for now, these are sure to get you started. Good luck on your Instagram journey. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments

Three Ways to Improve Your Online Presence.

When it comes to improving your online reach, it can feel like it is not in your hands and entirely luck. Content creators and online businesses have blown up in what may seem like overnight. Even though it may be down to chance, you can manipulate that luck to work in your favor. In this article, I’ll be discussing three ways you can improve your online reach and grow your business.

Having a Website

Just like having an official local address for your business so your customers can access your services, you need an online address where potential and previous customers can find information about your business and services. Your website is the address of your online space as a business and allows you to control the narrative about your business. Your website must be intuitive, clean and easy to navigate. It should have your contact information, business location, and services you offer as a business. Having a good website means that your website can be indexed by google and shown in the Google Search results. Therefore, customers searching for particular services will trigger your website to show organically.

Social Media presence

Social media offers something incredible that other means cannot provide: instant feedback and communication. Business owners have direct access to their fans and customers. Whether it is updating customers on promotions or uploading new products, businesses have an avenue to engage potential customers on the fly. Customers can message businesses directly and get the information they want on whatever services are required. Thus, owners can close clients without having them come to their local offices. Powerful social media tools can help companies measure and grow their following and reach. Having a social media presence also improves a business’ overall online presence by increasing its position and visibility on Google search results.

Google Ads Campaign

Like using traditional means of advertisement (TV and radio) to gain traction for your product or service, Google Ads can bring traffic or attention to your business online. There are more than 100 million people on the internet daily, so running a Google advertisement can help you tap into that audience to grow your business. Unlike TV and radio, you can measure the impact of your ads. Google’s advanced analytics and measurement tools can help you determine how many people saw your ads, clicked on your website, or even converted. You can also tailor your ads so only certain groups can see them, giving business owners as much control as they want. With Google’s brand awareness Ads module, you can build and grow your online presence on the millions of websites and applications affiliated with Google.

These are some surefire ways that have worked in the past consistently. However, you need to be dedicated and patient to ensure magnificent results. It may not happen overnight, but it will sure work. Make sure to put these measures in place and watch your business continue to grow online.

Are you searching for legit options to make money online In Ghana? Take a read then…

In an ever-changing world where the government has failed the youth time and time again, it’s not surprising that “make money online” is one of the most searched words in Ghana according to search engines. Thus, this article will address just that, and save you a whole journey of clicks and long unnecessary reads. Here are four ways to make money online in Ghana.


There are a plethora of remote online jobs that allow independent individuals to sell their services to other individuals and businesses alike. These websites allow you to sign up for free, create a profile and upload all the necessary details. You also get to include the skills you are going to provide for your clients. Some of these platforms require PayPal as means of payment.
If you have been trying to no avail, to get a PayPal account,
check out this article on how to create a PayPal account in Ghana. These jobs are only contractual ie. for the duration your work is being carried out and ends as soon as the customer receives and confirms, that the work is done. The most popular websites for freelancing in Ghana are Fiverr and Upwork.

Google AdSense

This is Google’s program where bloggers and YouTube content creators are paid to have ads run on their blog pages or in their videos. If you have a blog that has rich, niche content and gets high amounts of traffic, then this is your chance to make money online. All you need to do is sign up for Google AdSense with your Google account.
When you meet all the requirements and Google approves your account, you will be able to dictate how many ads you want on a page and how you want them to look. In the same vein, YouTubers can apply after hitting a thousand subscribers and over four thousand hours of public watch time.

Social Media Content Creation

Websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok allow their highly-followed to have paid sponsorships on their posts, creating an avenue for creators to make money online directly from businesses and corporations. Through live streaming on these platforms, creators can receive monetary gifts from their fans while providing them with entertainment like just chatting, playing games, or even sleeping, yes sleeping (there’s an unusually high level of sleeping “lives” I’ve come across scrolling through Tik Tok feeds). Your content must be compelling, straight to the point, and entertaining. Successful social media creators are able to engage with their followers and release content that their followers can relate to.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where affiliates earn a commission for advertising another person’s products to their followers. With affiliate marketing, you (the affiliate) are given a specific link where you direct users to buy the product. Again, you need to have a good following on your social media or drive traffic to your website or blog pages.
You will be required to showcase the product on your channels and provide your unique links, and any time someone makes a purchase through your link (this is called Conversion), you get a commission at an agreed rate. This is a great way of making some money on the side without having to do too much work. A website I’m familiar with is GuruMedia.

These avenues aren’t quick-cash solutions, but they can expand your sources of income if executed correctly. Patience, consistency, determination, and the willingness to learn and apply key principles will surely get you there in no time.

Stay tuned for articles pertaining to each of these and how you can maximize your efforts to bring you the best results.