Not sure if Elementor is the right page builder plugin for your website? In this Elementor review, we’ll show you what this tool is all about, talk about the different pricing options available, list all of its pros and cons, and help you to decide whether or not to use it.

What is Elementor?

Before we begin our Elementor review, let’s look at what Elementor is and how it works.

It is a visual drag-and-drop page builder plugin. When you design your content, you can see exactly what your visitors will see thanks to visuals. There is never any uncertainty over how your page will seem after it is published.

Drag and drop refers to the ability to simply drag and drop different design elements, such as buttons, forms, or images, to change their location. The best thing about Elementor is that no HTML, CSS, PHP, or coding knowledge is necessary because everything can be done using a simple user interface.

Unlike the default post/page templates that come with your WordPress theme, Elementor enables you to create customized, authentic-looking posts and pages. The majority of your work doesn’t take place in the default block editor that comes with WordPress; instead, you get a completely distinct interface to work on your posts and pages.

It functions both through the front end and the backend, allowing you to see precisely how it will appear as you construct it. The best part is that it overrides the capabilities of your current WordPress theme, so even if you choose the least expensive option, you can still do whatever you want with your website and make it more appealing and useful than you can ever think. Additionally, it supports all of the available WordPress themes.

Regardless of what your current WordPress theme enables you to do, you may use it to create any content layout or page layout you can think of. It is compatible with all WordPress themes, allowing you to maintain your present look while taking advantage of all of Elementor’s features.

Benefits of Elementor (Elementor Review)

This part of the Elementor review will expand on some of the perks and benefits of using the Elementor Page Builder.

Full Control of Your Theme

Elementor has a lot of wonderful features, one of which is the ability to visually design every component of your website. You can now fully control every element of your website and are no longer limited to using pre-designed themes.

This implies that you can give clients the precise design they desire and produce a website that precisely captures their brand. This also implies that as and when necessary, your website can be quickly modified and improved over time.

Drag-and-Drop Capabilities

You may drag and drop your content sections—also referred to as blocks or widgets—to relocate them wherever you want. This implies that any content can be placed wherever. If you had trouble with this in a previous WordPress theme, you will appreciate how useful this feature is.

All content types that the Elementor plugin supports are included in here. Images, image galleries, carousels, headlines, text, videos, dividers, spacers, buttons, client testimonials, social media icons, and a whole lot more are included in this.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)

You build your page using Elementor in a “what you see is what you get” approach, as was already described. It has a live preview so you can see precisely how your page will appear after publication. There are therefore no surprises.

Quick and Easy to Build Websites

Everyone wants a quick and simple approach when creating a website, while also churning out excellent pages. Because of Elementor’s ability to run smoothly, designs may be swiftly completed for clients without keeping them waiting for extended periods of time while it is being developed.

Building new websites without Elementor’s sophisticated features can be a time-consuming and difficult task. With the use of adjustable features like fonts, enhanced background photos, and motion effects, this powerful and simple builder may easily create a one-of-a-kind website design.

Responsive Websites

You must make sure a website is responsive when developing it. You can modify the design using Elementor’s features to make it perfect for any device. You can make adjustments to your pre-designed pages in tablet, PC/laptop, or mobile mode to ensure that everything fits properly.

Additionally, you can use responsive mode to adjust any aspects of the site to make them all compatible with and functional on all devices. These technologies enable the creation of a responsive website that operates on all gadgets.

Flexible Layout Controls

Because page builders do away with the necessity for bespoke coding, you occasionally have to give up a little freedom in how you arrange items to achieve that simplicity.

But the beautiful thing about Elementor is that it provides you with a ton of simple controls that let you position each widget, section, and column precisely where you want them. One can:

  • Padding and margin can be manually set for sections, columns, and widgets.
  • Simply sliding the spacer between columns will change the width of the columns.
  • Put widgets in a column vertically (or columns within a section)
  • By adjusting the column spacing, you can leave a blank area between the columns.

Advanced Widgets

A number of essential widgets and functionality that are essential to any web developer are included in Elementor. It has features like a media carousel, slides, animated headlines, post widgets for displaying blogs, and WooCommerce widgets. These are essential for building a polished, distinctive, and well-designed website since they make yours stand out from the competition.

Elementor Pricing

It’s free for starters, but there’s a Pro edition available as well. However, you don’t really need it to enjoy, say, 90% of Elementor’s awesomeness. Access the primary plugin through the official WordPress repository. There are no additional fees or registrations required. It simply works!

This is the pricing at the time of writing this Elementor review.


Regarding that Pro edition now. Granted, it includes some intriguing content that power users will find fun:

  • 50-plus additional content elements/widgets.
  • 300-plus additional page templates.
  • Theme Builder (the module where you can change the headers and footers of your current theme).
  • WooCommerce Builder (the widget that allows you to rebuild your WooCommerce product pages).
  • Popup Builder (a module where you can build pop-ups and have them integrated with either an opt-in form or some special offer/discount).
  • Visual Form Builder (comes with integrations with popular marketing tools).
  • You can create Global Widgets and then reuse them throughout the site.
  • Add custom CSS to any Elementor block.
  • Deploy Elementor elements in sidebars and widgets.

Elementor Review Conclusion

To conclude this Elementor review, Elementor ought to be your go-to tool if you require a fantastic free drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress. Despite the fact that there are other options available, Elementor stands out as the only one that is user-friendly for everyone (including beginners) and doesn’t require you to switch to a costly license.

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