In this HubSpot review, we’ll look at what HubSpot is, and the features and benefits of using HubSpot CRM in 2022.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is the ideal option for companies looking for robust, simple-to-use CRM software, and the platform is accessible to smaller or more start-up companies thanks to the lightweight but very functional free-forever plan.

From the first time a potential customer views one of your social media posts or blogs, to the emails you send them, to handing them off to your sales team for their first purchase, to the customer service they get, all the way to them recommending your business to their friends, HubSpot exists to help your entire business run more smoothly.

With all of this data in one central area, your organization can scale more easily, eliminate data silos, and have a single source of truth. This final section aids in your avoidance of data inconsistencies and the costly errors (and redundancy) that they entail.

  • User contact details – keep track of everyone with whom your business communicates Activity tracking – monitor calls, emails, and other communications for each client
  • View contacts in your pipeline with ease and arrange them according to how near they are to making a purchase.
  • Ability to sync with Outlook and Gmail for simple contact uploading
  • Real-time conversations with clients and prospects make it simple to resolve issues and forge bonds.

Uses of HubSpot: The 5 HubSpot “Hubs”

In this section of the HubSpot review, we’ll look at some of the features of each of the 5 Hubs featured in HubSpot.

Marketing Hub

  • Develop engaging content to win customers’ trust
  • Scheduling content across platforms and responding to user comments from a single location
  • Increase the ranking of your website in search results.
  • By automating your contacts’ operations across the buyer experience, you may reduce your effort while maintaining a personal touch.
  • Get a detailed analysis. Observe what is effective (and ineffective) across all of your marketing channels.

Sales Hub

  • Utilizing email templates speeds up the transmission of routine messages
  • Share deals, papers, and contacts with the entire sales team.
  • Report and enhance strategies that are effective
  • Reach contacts directly, and automatically log the date and time of contact to make follow-ups easier
  • Provide leads with a simple appointment booking option

Service Hub

  • Easily collect feedback, share key insights, and better understand customers.
  • Onsite chat support to assist with client issues
  • A knowledge base to solve common problems, making it easier to scale, onboard new staff, and avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • Create bots to address typical problems and scenarios that your consumers may encounter.


  • A simple website builder that eliminates the need to control plugins and hosting
  • Determine which web traffic sources and online behaviour are most likely to result in the actions and conversions you want.
  • SEO tools to rank better in search engine results

Operations Hub

  • Avoid duplicate contacts and other messy data practices
  • Execute code (like JS or Python) to extend the functionality of HubSpot.
  • Share data across platforms when triggered by your custom events

Benefits of HubSpot (HubSpot review)

This section of the HubSpot review looks at the perks you get when you choose HubSpot.


This is what marketers hope for. With HubSpot, you won’t need to switch between various platforms to market to both current and new consumers. You can develop leads, nurture contacts as they turn into customers, keep track of contacts as they become clients, and track the development of your marketing strategy.

What could be better than having a tool that can perform all of these tasks and more? You’ve taken care of the marketing aspect; now your sales can use it to gain in-depth knowledge of prospects, and you can use the Service Hub to increase customer happiness. Then, concentrate on enhancing your website with the CMS Hub.


HubSpot is made to make your business function more smoothly so you may expand more successfully. It offers you some special advantages because it was thoughtfully created in-house rather than pieced together through acquisitions.

HubSpot may be tailored to your specific business requirements without introducing needless complexity. Purchase hubs in pairs or singly, and you can even take advantage of useful features like custom objects to employ what suits your needs.

CRM-Powered Marketing

Recently, HubSpot has begun to place a strong emphasis on how CRM drives marketing and advertising. We’re all in the same situation; users are inundated with content, making it difficult to stand out. To make it simpler to offer CRM-powered marketing, HubSpot has improved the Marketing Hub.

There are several new features as well as improvements to paid advertising, including the custom objects already discussed. HubSpot now assists in optimizing ads that actually result in clicks and sales for you. In order to further inform the algorithm, the HubSpot advertisements optimization events function sends a signal to Google anytime a contact’s stage changes.

Detailed Reports

You may view any standard report in your account using the HubSpot Reports tool, and you can even make your own. This is perfect since you can use custom dashboards for your team to analyze data and actions depending on any metric. HubSpot enables you to handle everything from sales to marketing to customer service.

It’s fantastic to have a single location for all of your info. You may create highly customizable reports in a matter of seconds, send reports automatically to the appropriate parties, and see data in a logical, understandable manner. Finally, you’ll be able to quantify your return on investment.

Social Media Integration

You can utilize independent social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. That’s great if it’s working for you. Even so, having everything in one location is really convenient.

Your social media accounts can be integrated with HubSpot, and you can schedule social posts directly from your CRM. Alternatively, as soon as you finish a blog post, go ahead and send social media messages to announce your awesome new content. This is quite helpful because it will save you a ton of time vs having to log in and out of many accounts.

SEO Tools

With HubSpot’s integrated SEO tools, optimizing content will be simpler than ever; it won’t be a hassle like it formerly was. HubSpot makes it simple to establish authority for important topics, enabling your content to dominate the first page of search engine results and outperform your rivals.

Every time you create a blog, landing page, or website page, HubSpot will provide you with useful, timely on-page SEO suggestions. By organizing your material around your primary topics using integrated content tools, you can also design your content strategy and increase your search engine authority.

Then take it a step further by monitoring the effectiveness of your content and keeping up with content optimization where necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

HubSpot Review Conclusion

HubSpot CRM is a great option if you want to start using customer relationship management for the first time because it is simple to set up and operate. Its technologies were developed especially for small and mid-sized organizations to address the particular problems they face, such as small team sizes and few resources.

There are probably enough tools in the HubSpot Free plan to get you going. You can add tools as you need them or upgrade to other priced tiers as you become more adept and at ease with CRM.

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