Should you choose Microsoft Edge over Chrome?

Microsoft has been at the end of endless jokes over the last two decades over its internet browsers. Starting from their Internet Explorer days to early Edge days, they are still yet to have a crack at competing with other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. However, after moving to Chromium, Edge is looking as promising as ever, and I’m going to make a case for why switching to Microsoft Edge may not be a bad idea after all.

Lightweight Edge

The Microsoft Edge, in my experience, uses considerably less RAM than Microsoft. I’ve noticed low-end PCs struggle with loading pages or watching videos using Chrome and have a great experience on Edge. Anything less than 4GB RAM in your pc and Chrome will lag and hamper the performance on your PC.  If you want to do some research while working on your thesis, you may encounter issues. Edge is quick, and it does not hog all the RAM space. If you are using a 4GB RAM PC, you may want to consider switching to Microsoft Edge.

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Classy Homepage

The Home of the Edge browser is intuitive, informative, and convenient. It displays your most visited websites and news tailored to your interests ranging from pop entertainment to sports and cryptocurrencies. You can customize what type of news you want to see in the settings. You get other timely information like the Weather and other customized content. There’s even a little game where you plant a virtual seed and complete tasks. Once your virtual tree grows, Microsoft will plant a tree in Kenya. Save the earth, use Edge.

Immersive Reader

If you’re an avid reader, whether it’s the news or novels, the Microsoft Edge browser comes with an immersive reader that aims to improve your reading experience. First of all, it will present whatever text you’re reading in an epub format (like an actual book with book-flipping animations). It will also remove clutter like unnecessary images, videos and ads so you can comfortably read the full text. This comes in handy presently due to the absurd influx of ads on the internet. There’s also a Read Aloud mode where an AI will read the entire page as the user wishes. This is a life-changing feature, making researching and reading on the web way easier.

Collection of Ideas

“Collections” is a feature on Microsoft Edge that allows users to save content (images, videos, or full web pages) for later view. It allows you to keep track of web pages or ideas and pick up right where you left off. You can have them themed as well; whether you’re shopping, researching for school, or a series of videos. When you create and name the collection, a simple click on the + button will add multiple pages to that collection. That way, you won’t have to painstakingly scroll through your browsing history looking for one web page among the thousands of pages you visited.

Switching from Chrome to Edge is simple. Microsoft Edge allows you to import your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, and even Chrome extensions. Since Edge runs on Chromium, the extensions should work seamlessly.

Microsoft Edge is suffering from the effects of first or early impressions. The first impression is a pretty straightforward thing; once it isn’t checked for long periods, people hold on to them as gospel truth. Internet Explorer and early versions of Edge were bad and people have held that opinion for so long they aren’t willing to give it another shot. If you are willing to do it, or if you already use Edge, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments.

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