In general, productivity apps refer to software that aids users to produce or create information such as documents, images, digital paintings, images, audio, and video clips. They are usually applications and are called productivity apps because they aid users to complete work effectively and efficiently. Productivity apps can be used on most devices, some are completely free and others while free to download, have premium offers that allow you to pay for certain features on the app.

It’s a universal desire to stay on top of things and to be efficient in all areas of everyday life. To help you achieve this, here are five of the best productivity apps on android;

Google Keep

Google Keep notes have a post-it note appearance, but you can add sketches, images, and lists to them as well as do a lot more. Everything is saved in the cloud, like the majority of Google Apps, and a web browser on a PC may be used to access it with ease.

However, Keep isn’t properly connected with other Google apps in a way that fully utilizes Keep. You may also schedule reminders, either by time or place. An interface with Google Maps, for instance, may make it possible to set location reminders to any grocery store rather than just one particular one. Even more shocking is the inability to set Google Assistant to take and keep notes in Keep.

Microsoft Word

If you need to open and edit Word documents on the move, the official Microsoft Word for Android app is the best option. It has a simple interface that intuitively gives access to the most important features for creating and editing documents, and you can even write complex equations in the mobile app, provided you can write in LaTex. A common use for Word for Android is to review documents received by email. This is where the app has some issues; Although it has a Track Changes option, it doesn’t always work reliably.

Google Workspace

The productivity suite from Google now goes by the moniker Google Workspace and has an array of tools and programs that takes productivity to the next level. All Android devices’ operating systems are intimately connected with these programs. Some important programs include:

  • Google Docs

This is a word document program that allows you to write texts, insert images and use multiple features typical of Microsoft Word. You can access your docs and create new documents directly from your browser as well.

  • Google Sheets

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Excel, then you’ll feel at home with this. It has all the features that make Excel the best data management tool in the world. Except that, as with Google Docs, you don’t need to always be on the app, as you can also access it with your browser. Data is also automatically saved to your Google Drive.

  • Google Slides

This allows you to create presentation slides on the go. It has all the features of Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Google Forms

As its name suggests, it allows you to create all kinds of forms or questionnaires for surveys. It’s useful to gather information online since you can share the form directly with participants through a link. You can also embed the forms on your websites.

  • Google Drive

This is a cloud storage service by Google that allows you to save all files and documents, either through manual upload or automatically. Anything you create with any of the aforementioned programs is automatically saved and synced to your Google Drive, giving lifetime access to these files, as long as you have access to your Google Drive.


Trello is one of the most popular, user-friendly work management apps in the market. It allows users to manage projects, organize tasks, and build team collaboration—all in one place. Simple projects benefit most from it. Additionally, it supports several connectors, making it simple to add the programs and apps you already use.

It’s as simple as they come, making it a terrific choice for tiny teams searching for a straightforward answer. The platform is intuitive and simple to use, yet sophisticated enough to expedite your project management procedures for non-technical people as well. Every step, from beginning a new project to onboarding new team members, is simple and just requires a few clicks.

There is also a free option that offers limitless cards, storage, automation, integrations, up to 10 boards, and other features. If you have little money to spend and want something straightforward with lots of potential for expansion, the free plan is ideal.


You can’t make a list of productivity apps without adding a note-taking app. The stock Notes apps on most phones are not great. While I have an article detailing how great WhatsApp can be as a Notes App, OneNote is one of the best free notes Android apps I’ve used. My experience with OneNote began with my first Microsoft Lumia Phone in 2016. In 2022, I have all my notes from back then because the OneNote app saves your notes in the cloud. So regardless of the number of times you change devices, once you log in to your Microsoft account, you’ll have access to all your notes.

You can attach pictures, locations, music, and voice notes to a document with little to no issues. This app includes a handwriting feature that allows you to make notes with a stylus or your finger (not ideal). This is rare in most Android apps. This feature mimics traditional note-making and will suit people who cherish writing with their hands.

One perk this note has over other Note Apps is the synchronization across devices concurrently. If you have a Windows PC, you most likely have the Microsoft Office apps, which include OneNote. This means you can switch from your phone to PC seamlessly.

Other great productivity apps on Android

All these apps one way or the other (as explained) help to improve your productivity drastically. Look through them and make sure to download the ones that you find that you need. Are the other productivity apps you use that I missed? Let us know in the comments.

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