For nearly a year, WhatsApp has been testing an editing feature. This would allow users to edit their messages after they have been sent. Nevertheless, this feature has been placed on hold for the time being. Users are forced to delete the entire message and send a fresh one with the updated text. However, new sources indicate that WhatsApp is still working on the editing tool, which could be released shortly.

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular instant messaging applications, with over 2 billion users. It is also one of the most frequently updated apps in history.

WhatsApp Edit Feature

The editing feature is presently being tested in the Android version of the app, with hints that it may be available shortly in the iOS version as well. According to WABetaInfo, a website that specializes in researching WhatsApp betas, the latest beta version of the iOS app offers hints that the editing functionality is on its way.

The app will allow a few minutes for a message sent too soon to be corrected, similar to the restriction applied by Apple’s iMessage. Users will, however, be unable to edit messages written more than 15 minutes ago.

Unlike iMessage, which displays a history of revisions to other users, WhatsApp simply displays a “modified” label on messages that have been edited by the sender. In this situation, the technique is more akin to Telegram. Another thing to remember is that the edit option only works for text messages, not image, video, or document captions.

There is no word on when they intend to make this capability available to the general public. However, given that the feature was only recently offered to WhatsApp beta for iPhone users, the formal rollout might happen very soon.

If you are using an older version of WhatsApp, the altered message will not be displayed for the moment, but users will receive a warning that their version of WhatsApp is incompatible with the new feature.

According to reports, the developers are also working on another feature that would allow users to change media captions. While the edit message feature is still in development, there is no word on when it will be available to all users.

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